As Exceed wandered around the storehouse for food to be cooked, Rhazin examined the buildings many rooms. 

Each room contained a vast quantity of goods - foodstuffs, barrels of what Rhazin assumed to be water and wine, armor, weapons, materials, tools, etc. He knew the reason for all of these items, but why were they so plentiful? Was it because of the Lizards killing more men and making the demand less? No, these supplies didn't seem touched much, if at all. 

Exceed appeared around a corner. "Time to eat, Rhazin," he said with a grin. Why was he always happy in the worst of times?

"Alright, I am coming," Rhazin said in reply, then waited until Exceed nodded and disappeared around the corner once more. Rhazin was reluctant to use Void around him. It wasn't just him either. Except for in battle, Rhazin didn't like using Void around anyone. Battle seemed to remedy him of the dislike, but why?

Rhazin accessed the Void Mystic, allowing it to run through him as he spread it across the hallway. It was called a Plane. Initially, the Planes were used to detect other Mystics that were used in the area, but after further usage it became apparent that the Planes could actually detect HOW a Mystic had been used. Before the formation of the Scarred Sanction, a fellowship of Mounseiken that hunt Void users, there were more Void users and they were used in crime scenes. Now, few Void users even knew how to use this ability.

The Plane showed signs of Voidgates all along the hallway. 'So that's how they do it,' Rhazin thought to himself. He dismissed the Plane and walked to where Exceed had food prepared, his curiosity sated. Warmth and the smell of stew covered Rhazin as he walked into the room that Exceed had chosen to make the meal.

"Smells good, I'm surprised," Rhazin said, taking a seat next to the fire under the pot next to Exceed. 

The large man looked to him and ran a hand through his silver hair, which was now tied in a tail. "Was that a joke? I didn't think you were one to joke, partner."

Rhazin smiled grimly. "Well, from being wanted for murder and hated by the people of Murdos, I think I have explanation enough." Silence went into the air, only being broken by the occasional flicker of flame. That was the first Rhazin had mentioned of the crime since he had explained everything to Exceed. Maybe he should have held his tongue.

"Hey," Exceed said after a while, "It was that...Darkness... that did it, not you." The very word made him tremble for some reason. Did he remember what Rhazin had done to him? He shivered. He couldn't lose Exceed. If not for him, he couldn't finish the race.

They sat in silence for a few more minutes before Exceed produced two bowls and scooped them some soup with a ladle. It really was good soup. Rhazin had not had a decent meal for what seemed like forever and he couldn't remember eating on the Silver Heron. Of course, he did not remember the majority of that ride...

The End

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