The Storehouse

The Specialist turned out to be younger than Rhazin had thought. 

He only stood about as tall as Rhazin, if not a little taller, making him short. His frame was small like Rhazin as well, but unlike Rhazin's slick back black hair, this man had stark white hair that fell all over his shoulders. It was longer than it should have been and signified him as just a few years ahead of Rhazin. 

But, what Rhazin noticed most about this Logius, was his nearly flawless face and arms. Soldiers were rarely without scars. It was almost creepy. Was this the abilities of a Specialist in Plasma?

"Exceed," he said, his voice filled with weariness. Rhazin felt sorry for this man. From the looks of his tattered uniform, he was someone high up in rankings, which meant he had less rest than the other soldiers and they looked like they were about to fall any minute.

"Logius, how have you been!"

Logius looked at Exceed blankly, then rested against the wall of the hallway they stood. It wasn't large, but it was the biggest in the house, leading to the 'office.' Rhazin wondered what the office was used for, but ignored it.

"Tired," he replied without emotion, "Did they start the race early this year?" 

Exceed smiled widely. "Well, the last winner set a record, so they decided to start it early this time." Exceed leaned against the wall, his tattered clothing rustling as he did so. "You know, Murdos has to keep the excitement in her lands."

Logius rolled his eyes, then settled his gaze on Rhazin. "I didn't know you kept the company of a highborn, Exceed. Is he a fellow Racer?" The man seemed to see right through Rhazin with his grey eyes. Was it just the man, or his position that made Rhazin nervous?

"This is Rhazin, my partner," Exceed said. Logius looked to him in question. "Murdos got continuous complaints from some of the Provincial Kingdoms and so she made it a partner race." Logius nodded in acceptance to this. "Anyway, your guard said we have to see you?"

Logius sighed. "You are the first to make it here, Exceed, so I don't think you will mind too much." The man looked to Exceed, then to Rhazin. "You will have to stay here for a while."

Exceed opened his mouth to speak, but Rhazin beat him to it. "What do you mean? We have to head on as soon as we can! Why can't we pass through?" 

"Because of the Lizards," Logius responded, turning to leave. "You're welcome to find a place to sleep. We don't have shops, but take some supplies from the storehouses." He muttered something else, but Rhazin heard it. 'The Lizards eat men, not food, so it's not like there is a shortage,' is what he had said. Shivers ran up Rhazin's back. 

Exceed looked to where Logius entered a door. He seemed saddened, but relieved, if that made any sense.  Rhazin was about to ask him, but held it back. They needed to focus on gathering supplies. 

'Damnit!' Rhazin cursed. He had left his sack of money on the ship. It was a small fortune, so he had no doubt the pirates on the Silver Heron would simply take it. 

The two of them walked out of the building, asking the guards at it's doorway about the storerooms location. When they had their directions, unclear ones at that, Exceed and Rhazin headed off. On the way Rhazin wondered where they got their supplies. The Silver Heron was just about the only ship to set out to the second Isle of Murdos, from what Rhazin had seen at Port Eint. Was it through VoidGates then? It made sense.

"Rhazin," Exceed said slowly, "Would you like to give up now?" 

Rhazin felt shock. Why had Exceed asked that? "No, I must continue..." Rhazin knew his answer was true, but it felt... wrong. As if he didn't want to win for that reason. As if... there was another reason? 

'Maybe you want power?' 

No, he had power. Rhazin just wanted to save his master and clear his name. His master was most likely captured by now. They wouldn't dare execute him for a while longer. As for his name, Rhazin just wanted that so he could go back to his old life. Talking with Monstroth, catching glimpses at Monstroth's sister, training with his Master, and not being hated.

Exceed laughed, but Rhazin saw the nervousness in it. He wasn't sure himself. Was this fear in Exceed? It seemed surreal. "Well, good. We might as well see if we can wait out the Lizard attacks, though." 

The two men reached a building with a sign on it, like the guards had told them they would, and walked in. It was musty, but overall very tidy. Most the supplies were contained in metal boxes for preservation, but there were also bags of what Rhazin assumed to be grain and wheat. It looked like the emergency storage room in the castle back in Faerein. Maybe every Fort and castle had a room or building like this.

"Wow," Exceed said, "Shall we eat?"

The End

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