The Escape

Rhazin watched as Exceed ripped his clothing in places.It wasn't his nice clothes, which made Rhazin feel a little better. 

"Here's the plan," Exceed said, cutting his pants with a short knife - probably the one that had freed Rhazin, "We are going to run into the Fort and tell the guards that we were kidnapped by a man and hidden on board the Silver Heron." Exceed finished tearing his clothing, then tucked the small knife away behind his neck. Did he keep a knife there always?

"How will that work?" Rhazin asked. "I don't want the guards killing the men and women on this ship!" It was true. He may not be considered a friend to them, but he did not think they were bad in any way, so he could not allow himself to be the cause of their death. At least with the King of Faerein, Rhazin had known his victim was not innocent in the least. It did not make it right, Monstroth would say, but Rhazin could not help but feel some relief from it.

But, he could not handle being hated by his neighbors...

"There is only one woman on this ship," Exceed said, "and it happens a lot around here. No one is willing to kill because of the roaming VanGuards of Murdos who will kill in turn, so they kidnap people they want gone and shove them on a boat. Then, the crew and captain of that ship takes the blame." Exceed smiled and started for the door. "They pretty much believe the Captains now, so they just heal and return the kidnapped people and send some guards with them."

Rhazin stood and followed Exceed out of the room. His body was a little stiff, but not to the point of hindering his movement, thank the Scarred Father. Rhazin had a hunch he would need to run soon.

The hallway was empty, save for some rolls of rope on the wall and a few portraits of maps. The Silver Heron contained plenty of those. Rhazin and Exceed made their way toward the end, where stairs waited to take them up to the deck. Nearly halfway there, Rosa appeared.

"Cain's sin...," Exceed cursed when Rosa spotted them. She did not look happy.

Instead of calling for help, like Rhazin was afraid she was going to do, Rosa charged. Rhazin prepared to create a VoidGate, but before the process was even halfway complete, Exceed charged forward.

Rosa opened a VoidGate and allowed the darkness of the Void to take her. Exceed, instead of stopping, kept charging. What was he doing? Rhazin chased after him, unsure of why. Maybe the man simply wanted to get off the ship instead of deal with a Void user. 

Ahead of them, just as the stairs were nearly at Exceed's feet, the darkness of a VoidGate appeared. Rosa popped out of it, looking fierce. That expression did not last long, however, as Exceed grabbed her face and threw her over Rhazin. Rhazin felt that he had seriously underestimated his partner.

Rosa hit the ground, urging Rhazin to turn back. He had to help her. He had Plasma now, even though he could not use it very well, so he had to try. "Rhazin!" He turned to see Exceed motioning him onward. But... Rhazin couldn't move. Rosa could have a concussion or a-

Rosa sat up, muttering and rubbing her head. Rhazin smiled and took off after Exceed. He shouldn't have worried about the woman. She was able to take care of herself. 

Together, Exceed and Rhazin emerged on the SIlver Heron's deck, coming face-to-face with Vayros and a few other crewmen. "Where do you think you're going?" The large silver-haired man said. 

"Off the ship, of course," Exceed said, charging at Vayros. Rhazin ran toward Exceed, somehow faster, and created a VoidGate in his path. He would not allow friends to fight one another over his mistake. Monstroth would feel the same, Rhazin was sure.

Rhazin grabbed Exceed around the torso just as the man hit the VoidGate, and together the men were plunged into Darkness. Inside Rhazin, his own Darkness beckoned to him, calling him as if they were old friends. Rhazin felt it's warm, seductive embrace and instinctively pulled away, though it was hard. Maybe he would indulge in just a moment of abandon? NO!

Light came into existence and the two men landed on the docks, just a little ways up from where the Silver Heron was docked. 

The End

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