Rhazin lay in a barren room, ropes binding his arms tightly behind his torso and a blindfold over his eyes. Vayros thought that if Rhazin could move his arms or see, then he wouldn't be able to use mystics safely. Oh, how wrong he was. Why, if Rhazin wished to, he could use Void to simply teleport his body from the binds of the ropes, then remove his blindfold. And, of course, he could start killing the-

'Stop it!' Rhazin screamed mentally. It was getting worse.

'Why? Don't you want to kill them for locking you up?'


Why was he talking to himself? Rhazin needed to ignore the bad thoughts he had, not encourage them. 

A door opened a little ways away. Had someone came to retrieve him so Rhazin could be executed? Or maybe they forgave him and the Captain of the Silver Heron was alright? No, that was severely unlikely. They wouldn't forgive him for stabbing their leader. Just like Monstroth wouldn't forgive him...

"The Captain is fine, but mad," Exceeds deep voice said. It had been a few hours since the incident and this was the first Rhazin had heard from Exceed. Was his supposed friend conspiring against him? Had he been looking for a reason to kill him all along? Was he really a spy from Faerein? He WAS a Frae, one of the relatives of the King Rhazin killed.

'Easy,' Rhazin told himself, 'he was probably just talking it out.' 

"I have managed to calm them down somewhat," Exceed said slowly to Rhazin's right. When did he move? "They are searching the ship for any stow-aways who might have controlled you. They will find none, but it will buy us time to get off here."

Rhazin shifted uncomfortably as large hands cut away at his ropes. Whether Exceed used Flame mystics or a knife, Rhazin couldn't tell. He didn't care either. "Shouldn't we wait? What about LizardEater?" If some of the crew died, especially Rosa, Rhazin wanted to know.

Rhazin's hands came free and he immediately pulled off his tight blindfold, revealing Exceeds now-bearded face. When had he grown that? Rhazin noticed, after rubbing his chin, that he too had a little facial hair. When had he grown hair?

Exceed looked worried and surprised at the same time. "We escaped LizardEater nearly a week ago, Rhazin..." 

"A week!? You must be making a joke..." Had it really been a week? Had the Darkness had control that long? It had never happened before, so Rhazin thought it wasn't possible. He hadn't heard of any Void blacking out when their Darkness took over. Was it just because of Rhazin's amazing ability with the mystic?

"I am not," Exceed said, standing. He had a sword in one hand, one that Rhazin had never seen before, and Rhazin's pack of supplies, now half empty from the looks of it. Rhazin sighed and ran his hands through his black hair, sliding it back, and was only slightly surprised at the extra inch he found. 

"What is the plan?" Rhazin asked, hoping Exceed had one. He had stabbed the leader of everyone on the ship he was on. They wouldn't let him just walk away. No, he would have to fight his way off. But, then where to? They were out at sea still right?

"Well, we're docked at Fort Abello on the second Isle of Murdos," Exceed said calmly. Rhazin laughed, though. It seemed as though this trip would be over before he knew it. "We have to hit the checkpoint here, then head to Fort Adam on the other side of the island. But for now, we escape!"

"How?" Rhaizn asked the man, who now wore a broad grin on his large face. 

"Easy, you're gonna pull a prank." Exceed looked at Rhazin's clothing. For some reason, even though a week had passed, Rhazin still wore the black suit Rosa stole. It was in great condition as well. He must have changed during his blackout. 

Rhazin shivered. He didn't like thinking about that. The Darkness with free reign on his body... It was terrifying. But... Why did it only attack Leo?

Exceed snapped his fingers. "You with me?"

Rhazin nodded.

"Good, now pull out your high-born voice, we're acting out a kidnapping!"

The End

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