Yes, Again.

"Crew!" Leo's voice boomed in the silence, drowning out the sound of feet shuffling and the waves lapping against the Silver Heron. The men dared not move, despite their captain's call for attention. Rhazin could tell it was out of fear. These men had faced dangers, surely, but nothing in their past seemed to compare to this creature that now stared them down.

LizardEater, named for it's consumption of Great Lizards in the Great War, stared down at something in the water. Rhazin hadn't noticed the floating figures in the water until just then. Where had they- Rhazin blinked. Those were serpent corpses! Boran really was effective then...

"CREW!" Most the men, Rhazin and Exceed included, jumped at the captain's shout. "We retreat! Water Mystic users in the back, I want this boat moving faster than ever before or else I'll beat you so bad that the Scarred Father himself will flinch!" The men scrambled to do as ordered, a few of them helping Vayros carry Boran's unconscious form below deck. Rhazin just sat watching LizardEater with his makeshift spears in each hand. 

Rhazin could take the beast. Void was powerful. If he used it right, he could kill the beast. Maybe even convince Leo to keep the head as a trophy. Rhazin could imagine it now. He could become famous, meet the kings of the world, maybe even get away with murder. Yes, he could kill the ones who had seen the murder of the king... He could be free of that crime once and for all...

"Hey, what are you doin'!" Rhazin froze just as he stood on the railing of the Silver Heron, two spears in one hand and the other hand holding a rope to keep balance. What was he doing?

Rhazin climbed down and helped Exceed with a rope. They needed to pull the sails up and out of the way, Exceed explained to him. That way the ship would have lower wind resistance. Rhazin's mind didn't react. He just continued to do as directed by Exceed, then another of the Silver Heron's crew. His mind seemed to be... Strained.

Wind whipped at Rhazin's fancy black suit and messed up his pitch black hair. Rhazin didn't move to slick it back down, he just worked with the ropes, then the supplies, then with something else. He stopped even thinking about even what he was doing. Why was he on a boat? Wait... Was he on a boat? 

Maybe... Maybe Rhazin didn't exist...

"..him off!" 

Rhazin came to. He found himself being restrained by men. Exceed and Vayros. Yes, those were the one's who held him. Rhazin felt his hand being twisted and dropped... something. He looked to see a bloody knife on the ground. Why did it have blood on it? 

Then, as if in a nightmare, Rhazin realized what he had done.... 

He had attacked and stabbed Captain Leo, who now lay on the ground before him bleeding out.

'Scarred Father,' Rhazin thought, 'Not again!'

'Yes,' a voice answered, 'again.'

The End

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