"Is he crazy!?" Rhazin yelled to Exceed, only to realize how quiet things had become. 

The boat had ceased to rock and crash, the men had stopped scrambling about and yelling, and there was near silence with the exception of the waves and Captain Leo's cursing. What had the man done? Or had he been eaten by the Serpents, preoccupying them for a while? No, if they HAD eaten him, then only one or two would be doing so. The others would still attack the ship, trying for their own meal.

"That is Boran," Exceed said slowly. A smile cracked across his face and he slumped against the railing. "He is a Master of Water and Flame mystics," Exceed continued, "So there's no need to worry." 

Rhazin wondered about that. He knew masters of Water were at there best IN water, but what did flame have to do with anything? 

"Bloody men! Get to cleaning up what you can while there busy with that blasted man!" Captain Leo seemed on the verge of killing someone. Rhazin saw Vayros appear with Rosa from below decks, carrying more spears. Rosa carried a large crossbow that Rhazin thought would knock her out with just the recoil. He had never used one of the inventions before, but he had read about them. Well, Rhazin had read about nearly EVERYTHING.

"Rosa, go help my Marked brother!" the captain of the Silver Heron cursed. Rosa scowled at him, which somehow didn't mar her looks, and headed to where Boran had jumped overboard. Thankfully, the woman did not jump overboard as well. Rhazin would have probably went after her.

"Exceed!" Rhazin turned with Exceed to look at Vayros, who now approached with two Serpent's Bane instead of the dozen he had carried a moment before. Rhazin was still impressed at the man's immense size, which made Exceed's massive form actually look smaller. "I need you and your friend here to be ready and hit the Serpent when it surfaces."

Exceed took a spear from Vayros and was about to hand it to Rhazin, but stopped. "Sorry, partner, I don't think you can use this." Rhazin reached out and grabbed the heavy Serpent's Bane, jerking from Exceed's grip. They thought he couldn't use it? Well, Rhazin had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Rhazin accessed his Alchemic mystic and 'altered' the spear's shape. Slowly, the thing began to change and separate, metal spearhead included. Rhazin always had trouble when dealing with more than one material. The spearhead and wooden staff of the Serpent's Bane he had to focus on separately. Vayros cursed and walked off, but Exceed smiled and seemed impressed when Rhazin finished. Where there was once a large spear, there was now two smaller spears.

"Nicely done!" Exceed said with a wide grin. Was there a moment when this man wasn't a jolly Marked man? "I didn't know you could use Alchemaic Mystics." 

Rhazin felt the urge to grin, but fought it down. "How do you think I made that glass sword that pierced Derana at the Arena?" Rhazin said quietly, wiping Exceeds grin off his face for a moment.

"Well, it's a great ability, that's for-" 

The boat rocked violently, causing Rhazin and Exceed, along with other men on board the boat, to fall to their knees. To Rhazin's left, the man known as Boran fell onto the deck, blood running from multiple places on his body. Men all crowded around the bleeding man to make sure he was alright. A few of them shouted after Captain Leo, but the Captain, who stood next to the steering mechanism of the ship now, was in a trance looking out to the sea.

Rhazin followed his gaze, along with a few others, to see something they never thought to see. Out in the ocean, rising from the water slowly, was a Serpent with a mouth that could eat the Silver Heron with ease. It's body, from what Rhazin could see, was covered in scars and tears. It's face even had a sizable scar running down it. There was no doubt.

This was LizardEater, the King Serpent, from the stories of the Great War.

The End

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