Rhazin fell on the floor as the Silver Heron shook violently. He got up quickly and dressed himself in his black suit - as it was the only clothing he had with no blood on it. It took a while with the ship rocking and crashing into something once more, but Rhazin eventually got dressed and ran out of his door.

'What the hell is going on!?' Rhazin thought to himself as he made his way to the deck of the massive ship. There were no men in the halls of the Silver Heron, so Rhazin only had to worry about the ship's shaking as he climbed.

Pushing open the heavy door to the deck, Rhazin saw nearly all the crewmen and Exceed on the deck scrambling about. He saw nothing that caused the violent tossing and turning of the ship, but it was soon obvious by the equipment the men were collecting.

Harpoons. Spears. Rope. 

'A Serpent,' Rhazin guessed. The ship shook violently once more, knocking a few men down. Rhazin himself had to grab a hold of the door to stay upright. 

"Rhazin!" Exceed's voice called. Rhazin turned to see his partner carrying a large spear. The shaft was nearly as thick as Rhazin's hand and the spearhead was toothed. It was a weapon made to hunt Serpents in the Great War. A Serpent's Bane.

"What's going on?" Rhazin called to Exceed, who held on to the Silver Heron's railing. Exceed motioned for Rhazin to join him instead of answering, to which Rhazin cursed. With the rocking of the boat and the crashing from the Serpents, it would be hard to make it even ten paces.

Somehow, Rhazin made the distance and held on to the railing with Exceed. "We have at least five of the things below us!" Exceed yelled over the shouting men. "We need to kill at least three to drive them off."

Rhazin's mouth dropped. He had barely survived a friendly Serpent! How were they supposed to take out three of the things!? 

His answer came in the form of a man.

A man with grey hair appeared from the Silver Heron's cabin, looking nonchelant and even half asleep. Behind him, Captain Leo stood yelling something at him. Leo seemed angry, but the man just ignored the Captain and watched the waters. He wore just trousers. From the looks, though, they looked like Sailor Leggings. They were pants made to be water resistant. They wouldn't wear from the sea water and the fabric they were made from allowed for easy swimming. Rhazin had read about them and had wanted a pair at one point in his life.

The man signaled the Captain to silence, causing Leo to become more enraged, and ran towards the edge of the boat, grabbed a scimitar from another crewman, and jumped into the Great Southern Ocean. Rhazin was dumbstruck.

The End

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