Rhazin decided to ignore the odd dream and headed for the door. He had never changed out of the black suit that Rosa had stolen, so he didn't bother with changing. 

To his surprise, Rhazin realized it was night when he opened the door to the deck of the large ship. Had he slept the day away, then? It was the only possibly reasoning, but Rhazin was still confused. He hadn't slept that long for ages it seemed.

He shrugged it off and walked to the side of the rocking ship and leaned against the rail. He wasn't surprised to find the boat already out to sea. In fact,he was relieved. Time was of the essence, though Exceed seemed to ignore that for his drinks. Rhazin didn't hate the man for it, but he needed to hurry back and help his master.


"What are you doing out here all alone?" 

Rhazin turned to see a massive man he identified as Vayros. He really was massive. It was almost as if he came from the Frae bloodline. Exceed, Monstroth, and Monrtroth's father were all large men and Rhazin had been told that every male in their family was the same. It was slightly unfair.

Rhazin had been born weak, barely holding onto life. Every move he had made to survive, was a step to extinction for another. He had failed and trampled so many that he stopped counting and even feeling for them. In his eye's they became stepping stones.

That is, until his master and Monstroth entered his life. 

"Just thinking," Rhazin told Vayros, who just nodded and leaned on the railing beside him.

"Thinking can be bad."


"Well," Varyros said, rubbing his chin, "Sometime's your mind just heads straight for those bad places and you find yourself trapped. It's better to focus on the good and ignore the bad."

Rhazin thought about the man's words, but immediately rejected them. No, he needed to remember those he had lost. It was the only way he knew to honor them.

"Look," Vayros said, interrupting Rhazin's thoughts, "You can honor the fallen by living for them." With that, the large man walked off and headed down below deck. Rhazin really hated Telepathy Mystic users. They always read your mind at the worst possible time. 

"Maybe he had a point..." Rhazin whispered to himself, seriously thinking about the man's words this time. Could it hurt to live for those who had fallen.

'Yes, it can.'

"But I wish it didn't."

Rhazin left the ships deck and returned top his room. He would need to get some more sleep before they reached the second island.

The End

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