The Kiss of Death

Rhazin stood in Murdos' throne room, patiently awaiting his reward. Around him were the disapproving stares of many of the Murdos City inhabitants. They clearly were not happy about Rhazin's victory. At least Exceed was happy about it. 

Sadly, the large man was not present. Rhazin stood alone in front of the Firstborn and her husband, Munito. They both looked... fearful, for some reason. Did they know he could use void, or was it because of the events at the arena so long ago.

"Rhazin," Murdos said in a booming voice. The woman had been the ruler of this city and islands for thousands of years, so it wasn't surprising that she had a voice that demanded attention. "You have survived and won the Great Race. Doing so is no small feat. On a normal occasion, we would wait to do this in public, but we have more pressing matters at hand, so this must be quick."

Rhazin bowed slowly, understanding the reasoning she had. 

Murdos accepted his bow with a nod and motioned a servant forward. The servant held a small trunk and carried it as if it held a block of copper. "You have earned the name Dower through your accomplishment," Murdos said in her powerful voice, "As well as a Void weapon, made by a void user sending his soul into a weapon, and a mask made of the incredibly rare Mounirion." While she spoke, the servant placed the trunk on the ground and opened it with reverence. 

Inside was a mask of odd design and a short sword with a curved blade. The mask had a line down the center of it decorated with strange symbols that separated two very different sides. One side looked innocent, with spiraling markings all over it, while the other side had a sinister design. It seemed to fit Rhazin perfectly, so he retrieved it and put it on his face gently. It weighed nothing, as if it simply ignored weight entirely.

The sword, however, weighed as much as a regular blade. He held it for a moment before placing it in his empty sheathe. 

Murdos stood, speaking once more. "Now, Rhazin Dower, Victor and Champion of the Great Race, what favor would you ask?"

Rhazin stared back into her eyes. He could not see her face with the mask that she wore, but he could guess that she was gorgeous. "I want a kiss," Rhazin asked, causing the room to gasp. 

Murdos' eyes grew wide beneath her mask. Her husband, Munito, seemed outraged, but held his tongue. A kiss was not inappropriate on this island, so Rhazin would get his way. "Very well," the Firstborn said slowly, her voice now devoid of the demanding intensity it held just moments ago. She walked forward a little, then stopped. Rhazin assumed he was supposed to do the same.

So, Rhazin Dower walked forward until he came face to face with the Firstborn. The only one of the Scarred Father's first children to still live. She removed her mask, revealing a face that Rhazin found truly beautiful and waited for Rhazin to take his last prize.

Rhazin did. One moment he was staring at her face, his hands shaking slightly in anticipation, the next minute, his new Void weapon was free of it's sheathe and inside the Firstborn's chest. Rhazin smiled deeply as he watched the life leaving her ancient eyes. 

"The kiss of Death is a sweet one indeed."


Rhazin jumped up from his bed, sweat streaming down his face and tears forming in his eyes. It was just a dream, but he had never had one so.... vivid. Nor had he felt this scared from one like he was now.

Why would he want the Firsborn dead?

The End

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