Rhazin sat in the room he had been guided to, wearing the clothing he had been provided. The dark suit held the same insignia as the cloak he had worn during the tournament. It was an odd thing, with three diamonds banded together with a line. A simple figure, but somehow one that gave Rhazin a bad feeling.

“Well, you look fancy,” Exceed's voice said from behind. Rhazin didn't turn to meet the man's gaze. He had to be serious now. He needed answers.

“Exceed. Why are we on a pirate ship?” Rhazin stood up off the bench he had been sitting on. Though he still did not face Exceed, he tried to seem intimidating.

A shuffling sound told Rhazin that Exceed was uncomfertable. He took long enough to answer. “Easy,” the large man finally said, “Because I can trust these men. They have helped me several times over, never doubting me on my journey and-”

Rhazin turned and silenced the man with a flash of heat. For some reason, he felt very angry at the man. “Tell me the truth, Exceed.”

Exceed looked at Rhazin, a hint of fear showing in his eyes. “Rhazin, I...”

“Tell. Me.”

“I promised them half the reward money that comes with the winnings in the Race, should we win...” Exceed said, a look of surrender now overtaking his face. Rhazin had half a mind to attack the man, but stopped himself. Why was he thinking like this?

"What?" Rhazin shouted. He wasn't exactly greedy, nor did he really want the money, but why give away something you have worked to get?

"It's the only way I am able to get a discount!" Exceed yelled, defending himself. Rhazin felt bad, then. It wasn't surprising. Exceed had been trying to win for years, so why not make promises to aide him? The real prize of this race was the Voidweapon and the mask made by Murdos herself.

“Exceed... I'm sorry.”

The man smiled and walked over to Rhazin. “Rhazin, you need to relax,” he said, placing his arm around Rhazin, “If you get to wriled up, then you'll lose it. Just relax and enjoy the ride.” Exceed retreated to the door. Rhazin just shrank and thought about what the man had said. He did need to relax.

“After all,” Exceed said before leaving the room, “once we hit the second Isle of Murdos, the real danger will greet us.” The door closed, leaving Rhazin alone once more. He sat on the rooms bed, thinking about the statement. The Race up until now had been hard on him.

Was the second island really that much worse?

The End

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