Rhazin ended up being pulled along by Rosa to various clothing venders all around Port Eint, only to have the woman buy herself some sort of clothing. She really was odd in her selections. One moment she was looking at a beautiful dress, the next a suit of leather armor for hunting. All the time Rhazin was trying to figure out what kind of woman she was exactly.

After a while, Rhazin started to notice a group of men following after Rosa, and not the kind that most women would find flattering.

They were guards.

Alarmed, Rhazin quickly caught up to Rosa, who had ran off to look at a crossbow. She saw him coming, and the guards following slowly behind, and smiled.

“Rosa,” Rhazin said, trying to ignore the fact that he was actually talking to a beautiful woman in slightly revealing clothing, “I think they are after me.”

Rosa just giggled. “Don't flatter yourself,” she said, “they are after me.” With that, she rushed off to the next vender on the street, which thankfully sold men's clothing.

Rhazin rushed into the store behind Rosa and found her looking at a black nobleman's suit. The only thing that set it aside was the strange mark on the cuff and neck of the shirt and on the back of the cloak. It was identical to the mark on the cloak Exceed had made Rhazin wear during the tournament.

“It's perfect,” Rosa said, staring at the suit with dreamy eyes. There was something... mischievous in the woman's eyes as well. Something Rhazin was afraid he wouldn't like.

Rosa pulled the suit off the manikin that wore it ad walked toward Rhazin. He felt himself heat up once more as Rosa pressed herself against him. He couldn't help but look down into her cleavage, making his face grow hotter, though he dared not look at her.

“Stop her!” a voice shouted, “Stop her, I-”

The voice, whoever it had been, was cut off as Rhazin was cast into complete darkness. He still felt Rosa's warm body against him, causing rational thought impossible to form. All Rhazin could think of was the twin masses that pressed against his chest in the dark, the soft hips that carassed his own, and the thought of who they belonged to.

Suddenly, light came back, as well as Rosa's marvelous cleavage. Rhazin immediately pulled away, realization hitting him. They were on a large ship deck now, but Rhazin could only focus on one thing at the moment.

“You're a Void user!” He said, pointing at Rosa.

“And a pirate,” she said with a wink, “Now try to lose that excitement and go change below deck.” Rhazin's face heated up as he realized what she had meant. Before he could defend himself, however, Rosa tossed him the suit she had stolen and disappeared through another Voidgate.

“Wait!” Rhazin called anyway. He heard several men laughing.

Looking around, Rhazin realized that he hadn't been alone on the massive ships deck. Several men, Vayros and Exceed included, stood laughing at what they had saw. Rhazin quickly covered his front with the suit and stormed off down into the lower decks.  

The End

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