Obtaining a Ship

 Captain Briar Leo!” Exceed said to the hawk nosed man before him. Leo reached out and clasped Exceeds outreached hand. The captain was an Immortal for a long time, having his hair wrapped around his waist several times, and a great friend of Exceed's for a long time. “I was hoping you were still available!”

“For you, I am always available, Exceed,” Captain Leo said cheerfully, “Though I don't know if Boran will like it.” The men laughed. Exceed remembered the first-mate well. After all, they had nearly killed each other the last time Exceed was on board. “So, do you have the money?”

Exceed sighed and reached for his pack. He had had to buy a new one since the theiving men a few days back had chased and nearly killed Rhazin and himself. “Always money first with you...” Exceed muttered as he shifted through the full pack.

Beside him, Rhazin stood quietly. He had been like that since the day he had been forced to kill. Exceed tried to ignore the behavior, telling himself it would pass, but it had been over a week since the incident.

“So,” the captain said as he took the precious bronze from Exceed, “You going to tell us who your 'partner' is?” Captain Leo eyed Rhazin, who stood still. Rhazin's hood came up slightly as the younger and smaller man stared at something.

Exceed laughed when he saw where Rhazin's eyes focused. “I don't think you have a chance at Rosa.”

Rhazin jerked his eyes away and glared at Exceed, a hint of red coming to the smaller mans face. Exceed just laughed again and went to talk to Vayros Drak. It would be a while before Leo could head off, so he might as well catch up with his old drinking friend.


Rhazin watched as Exceed headed off with the incredibly large man called Vayros. Before the two left, however, Exceed told the beautiful woman with long black hair beside Captain Leo something, causing her to look at Rhazin with a sly smile.

Rhazin felt his face heat up and tried to focus on something besides how revealing her red dress was.

“Well, Rosa,” the hawk nosed Immortal of a Captain said to the woman, “I'm heading to the Silver Heron to start preparations. Head over when you can and try not to come back with more men than the Unscarred Creator knows how many men behind you.” With that, the Captain of the Silver Heron, a ship known around the world, walked away.

Rhazin wished he felt like asking questions, but he just hadn't been nearly as excited about anything for a while. He didn't even ask Exceed for information on the Silver Heron, like he would have usually done with his master.

“So,” a female voice said behind Rhazin, “I take it you're with me?” Rhazin jerked himself around and came face to face with Rosa. Before he could think of something to say, the woman gave him a peck on his forehead. He immediately felt foolish for any earlier thought's he had of romance. It seemed this woman already thought of him as a child.

“What's your name?” she asked, causing Rhazin to back away and cover his face. No need to let this woman see his red tinted face.

“Um... why?” Rhazin asked. He wouldn't ruin things by sharing his name this time, but he also was reluctant to lie.

“I just want to know,” Rosa replied, her feet taking steps closer to Rhazin. “Don't you want to tell me?”

Rhazin swallowed hard. He could do this. He could lie and tell this woman a false name. “My name... is Rhazin.” He immediately cursed himself for talking at all.

“Hmmm... The famous Rhazin?” Rosa took another step. “The one who nearly killed the HighKing and Darana, the previous winner of the Great Race?” Another step. “The Void user who can kill fifty men.” Rosa stopped directly in front of Rhazin.

Rhazin looked up slowly, expecting a glare or a face made of anger and hate. Instead, he found a genuine smile. “Who... who are you?” Rhazin asked nervously.

“A friend,” the beautiful woman said with a wink, causing Rhazin's soul to leap. “Now, come on, we need to do some shopping for you,” Rosa said, grabbing Rhazin's arm, “After all, blood doesn't come out.”

'Who are these people,' Rhazin thought as he was nearly dragged away by Rosa.

The End

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