Darkness Unleashed

 Rhazin threw another ball of flame at his persuers, catching one of the theives in the face. Rhazin hoped the man survived, though a little part of him wanted the man dead. After all, they had almost killed Exceed and him.

“This is your fault,” Exceed yelled beside Rhazin. The man threw a large boulder via his Mineral mystic, which impressed Rhazin. After all, the amount of stone a Mineral user could lift was directly influenced by his physical strength. Sure, Exceed was a large man, but Rhazin never would have guessed him able to lift a boulder the size of Rhazin. Most Mineral users, aside from Monstroth, could only lift twice their body weight.

'Of course, Monstroth is probably the Sovereign of Mineral by now,' Rhazin thought. Funny, that very thought made him jealous of his friend, instead of proud.

“Rhazin!” Exceed yelled, bringing Rhazin out of his own head, “How about a Voidgate or whatever!?”

Rhazin thought about the odds of the gate actually working without him knowing the area, but quickly took back the thought. He could be lost in the Nullspace of the Voidgate forever if he tried without knowing where he was or where he was going.

“It's too risky,” Rhazin yelled back.

“I think I like that risk better than that one,” the larger man said, pointing to the large group of men chasing them. There must have been nearly a hundred of them. They had attacked during the night, after Rhazin and Exceed went back to Durnt City to hit the 'checkpoint.' They had appearantly been waiting for Rhazin and Monstroth and tried to kill them in the City. Luckily, the guards interveined, though they made it clear that Rhazin was not welcome in Durnt.

“The answer is no!” Rhazin retorted harshly. He would not risk oblivion, even to get away from a hundred bloodthirsty men.

Then Rhazin had an idea.

Rhazin created a Voidgate behind himself and left it open. It would eventually unravel and dissapear, but by then Rhazin and Exceed would be several leagues away.

A man passed through, causing him to vanish back to what Rhazin hoped was Durnt City. A few more men followed before anyone seemed to notice. Rhazin created another one and another, creating an array of Voidgates behind himself. He made sure he had a clear image of the streets of Durnt City in his head, just in case a traveler passed by.

“Nice work!”Exceed yelled after he finally noticed the decrease in their pursuers numbers. They had dwindled down to a couple dozen. “I think we can take them now!”

“What!?” Rhazin yelled. He knew he would have to fight in the Great Race, but he was hoping to avoid any fights he could. The thought of hurting someone sickened him. 'Or... does it?' a voice whispered in Rhazin's head.

“Come on!” Exceed yelled, a smile covering his face. Rhazin gave in, simply because he didn't have much energy to run left, and came to a stop. Two balls of fire came to life in his hands and Rhazin turned to face his attacker's. Exceed followed suit, making two flames in his own hands.

“I hope you know this is not a bar fight,” Rhazin said. He felt annoyed and afraid at the oncoming enemies, though for some reason a sense of excitement kept arising inside his soul. 'Why does this happen?' Rhazin thought.

Exceed threw a massive fireball, catching a man on fire. “Bring it!” he yelled excitingly. The large man ducked to dodge a ball of fire and threw yet another of his own. Rhazin, impressed by his friends actions, started throwing his own flames. The enemies retaliated with rocks and flaming balls of varying sizes.

Rhazin started to feel giddy as he dodged the slow moving attacks of his enemies. He knew he would win, then. He started using Void to alter the distance of the oncoming attacks, then used Void once more to make his attacks hit faster and take down more men. Void was so useful, that Rhazin never stopped using the mystic.

Exceed seemed to be slow as well, though. His movements were as sluggish as the enemies', who were now nearly two dozen in number. The large man pulled his club and smashed it into their opponent's face. For some reason, the slow movement made Rhazin feel energetic and envious. He dodged a swing of a sword and grabbed the attacker's sword arm, warping the flesh of his opponent with the Alchemaic mystic. Rhazin felt himself change the natural shape of the man's arm.

It was marvelous.

“Rhazin!” Exceed yelled slowly, “Look out!”

Rhazin turned in time to see a man swinging an ax to his head. Only, the man looked like he was in water, his movements held back by a unknown force. Rhazin took his time in grabbing the sword from the distorted arm he still held, and ramming it through the ax-wielding man's stomach.

Several other men replaced their fallen allies place, causing Rhazin to get more excited. Though they moved as if in a tank of water, he still felt as if he were in danger. The prospect of fighting for his life... excited him.

“Rhazin... Time to kill....”


Exceed smashed his club into another man's head, muttering under his breathe. He had never minded killing as long as it was for a just cause, but these men were just driven by anger, not by evil.

To Exceed's right, Rhazin held a screaming man's arm. Exceed thought he had saw a movement INSIDE the man's arm. Was Rhazin a Alchemy user? If he was, it would explain the glass sword he had used on Darana in the tournament.

“Rhazin!” Exceed yelled when he saw a large man with an ax running at Rhazin, “Look out!” His partner, who had claimed to have no battle experience before the arena in Murdos City, quickly grabbed a fallen sword and stabbed the man with the ax.

Exceed smashed his club into another man, shot a flaming ball of heat into a few more men, then ran to Rhazin. The black haired man was being surrounded.

Exceed stopped midtrack.

Rhazin, in a flash of swordplay, had taken two men down and was working on the others. Exceed couldn't help but watch his partner walk through all his opponents defenses and slice them up like some master swordsmen among trainees. It was almost beautiful, the way Rhazin killed, but in the way one would call a Great Lizard beautiful.

The last man fell to Rhazin's blade, allowing Exceed to get a good veiw of his partner's face. What he saw horrified him.

A wide grin split Rhazin's face, his eye's were full of glee, and blood covered his face. To Exceed, Rhazin looked like a demon from the holy tomb.

“Exceed...,” Rhazin said in a barely audible voice. The shorter man took a step closer.

Exceed quickly checked his surroundings, but realized that the rest of the men - the ones that lived, that is - had ran off. They must have realized they were no match for Exceed Frae. He almost laughed, though Rhazin's hungry gaze took the feeling away.

“What's wrong, Rhazin,” Exceed said slowly. Fear started to rise in the depths of his being as Rhazin took a step toward Exceed. He had seen that look in a man before and it had always ended with Death paying a visit to claim Exceed's kill. He didn't want to add Rhazin to that list, for many reasons, but he wouldn't die here.

“You.... are so slow,” Rhazin said, a hint of arrogance to his voice. In a blink of an eye, the shorter man rushed Exceed, sword point going for his soul.

'Dammit!' Exceed thought as he jumped backward. Rhazin was on him again before he could blink. Where had the man gotten this speed?

Pain came to life in Exceeds stomach. It spread through every fiber of his being, causing agony to pulse through his body and fuel his scream. Exceed's thoughts never came, as if his mind had stopped working. The only thing his mind comprehended was tremendous amounts of insufferable torment surging throughout his nervous system. It was almost like Hell was said to be like.

Exceed managed to look down and saw Rhazin holding a sword, the blade piercing Exceed's gut.

In Rhazin's eyes was the look of a monster.

Darkness enveloped Exceed's vision.


The End

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