◖ The Great Outdoors ● Mohinder & Lany ◗

What was supposed to be a simple fishing task turns into much more for Mohinder.

The sound of creaking wood echoed throughout the forest as Mohinder glanced backwards to find that the branch he was currently climbing on was beginning to give way. Normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal - as a few bruises wouldn’t kill him - but below, one of the current park residents were waiting with anticipation - a hungry brown bear. How did he get himself into these situations?

This time the culprit was social pressure as his colleagues planned this camping trip on the assumption that the geneticist would automatically join them. They were all so happy that he would be there that he didn’t have the heart to say no. And so he went into the wild with nothing but camping gear and his book knowledge of this place known as the great outdoors. How tough could it be really? Asked to go catch that evening’s dinner, Mohinder quickly found out.

On first glance, he appeared to be fully prepared - fishing rod, fishing hat, tackle box, and a pair of those waterproof suspenders. Mohinder was the real deal… until he got out there by himself. After calculating which bait to use to catch a big enough fish to be worth it and how far to throw it, the white and red bobber went flying.

Bloop! Now all he had to do was wait.

With a tug, the ball disappeared under the water and the struggle was on! Well, with Mohinder’s ability, it wasn’t much of a struggle. The fish didn’t have a chance, but there was a miscalculation. The thrill of actually catching something caused him to overcompensate. The fish went flying.

There was now a fish resting in a tree. “Bloody hell,” he mumbled under his breath while making for the tree. “It just figures, the first time I catch a fish, it winds up in a tree. Hmph.” The climb didn’t take long and soon the fish was in hand. That was when he noticed there was company down below. Brown, furry company, to be exact. While backing up, that was when he felt the branch under him beginning to falter.

Perhaps if he gave up the fish, the bear would leave? But no, the bear sat there, fish in hand, waiting for the main course to fall out of the tree. What a greedy creature! “I have been through so much, and this is how it will all end? Bear food.” At his words, the bear waved up at him.


The End

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