The Graveyard Tales

When Oliver Kurt Hopley dies, he doesn't expect to have a whole new life ahead of him - in the graveyard. Each person buried in the small land surrounding the church introduces themselves by telling their life story. What will Oliver learn about the past? Is it too late for him to do anything about the ones he cares about and their futures?

Oliver Kurt Hopley

I let a single tear run down my face at the sight before me. This was something I thought I'd never live to see. In a way, I haven't.

All the people I know and love are gathered here, every single one crying. Some are hysterical, breathing raggedly with whole seas pouring in streams down their faces - like my best friend Danny Blue. Others let few tears through and have straight faces throughout - like my wife of seven years.

No twenty nine year old should have to stand watching his own grave, surrounded by the people he loves as he's lowered in. Scratch that. No person should have to do that - ever.

I can only stand and watch as the coffin, my coffin, hits the bottom of the grave with a thud and dirt is layered on the top.

Still, I stand on the edge of my grave, long after they've all gone. Still, I stand and stare at the place where my mere mortal body now lies. Still, I wish I'd done something - anything - so that I somehow didn't have to watch this. I couldn't take my eyes off the place where I now lay.

Darkness decended on the setting and, finally, I turned around.

That's when I first met the other, ahem, residents.

The End

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