Fade to black

He drives the blade deep into her bosom. A deep scarlet stain spreads from the wound slowly soaking her white shirt. He grants her a love filled glance and watches her as her body withers away. She withers so slowly, her skin turning to ash and dust as she falls apart before him. To him a match made in hell can never survive. The lost and forgotten surround him. He casts his eyes downward, tears staining he ground around him. This is the end of all humanity, and it begins now. The bodies rise from the hallowed ground. He knows he cannot run from them forever. He has lost his beloved. He gave in to sin. Time and time again she had come to him for love. Love her husband denied her, love he gave her. Now, the forgotten can truly live again. They come to take revenge, to have what was theirs. The love they desired so much, they may now take in the form of flesh and blood. They are the living dead, no, the loving dead. They come not for hate or murder, but for love.

          The grave keeper looks up. It is his turn to die. They will not consume him the way she would have. What they once were is now gone, replaced by the desire to take for their love. No, his beloved wanted passion and strength. His love was the original lover, not a creature of rotting flesh bent on what is theirs. He refuses to become one of them. He reaches into his pocket, determined not to take his life in the way he took hers, and removes a handgun. He loads and locks it, putting it to his temple. His last utterance for her love, “I loved her so, and gave her all she wanted. Yet her desire for passion and life that was not hers consumed her in the end, making her one of these creatures I do so detest. She became a creature bent not on love, but destruction. Now to this I say, Hail Mary. Forgive me. Now this is war. A gunshot ends this sick, new world as it all fades to black.”


*Zombies <3 >.<!

The End

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