A male’s voice startles her. She jumps and rises, knowing he is behind her. She spins around and looks up into deep, hypnotic, sapphire eyes. His long black hair sways gently in the breeze. He takes her by the hand, his cloak swaying in tune with hers. He leads her silently through the cemetery, avoiding tombstones. She tries valiantly to fight it, but to no avail. He leads her past her husband’s gravestone, solemnly pulling her to her own. She fights desperately against the grave keeper’s wraith. She will not go back. She pulls against his sleeve and brushes her fingers against his cheek lightly. He hesitates. She knows the only way to keep from being dragged back into her coffin is to sway his heart. She wants him as her keeper. She guides him away from the graves to his small home on the outskirts of the cemetery. He follows knowing she will consume his soul as a means of staying human, staying alive. He knows he cannot let her go. She leads him to his bed and lays him down, running her fingers through his hair. She kisses him deeply, trying desperately to steal his soul.

He pushes her off him, his eyes full of hate. He makes a break for the cemetery. She follows him, knowing it will be her undoing but, she must have his soul. She wants her keeper, to be his keeper. She screams, a loud deafening screech, awakening all the loose souls in the graveyard.

The keeper knows this is his last shift. He leads her to her grave, her death. His heart aches as he draws a large silver dagger from his waist. He stares downward, his eyes meeting hers. She spares him the empty, soulless glance as he whispers, “My dear, my love now is your time. You have lived long with me, much longer than intended. Hail Mary, forgive me.”

The End

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