The Grand Wizard

It is basically about a wizard who one day finds a dimond in the ground and he takes it back to his castle and anilises it and he finds out that's it a magic dimond but he does'nt know what this magic dimon is used for or what it's powers are!

once upon atime in a magical world there lived an old wizard named Wizard.Henry. Wizard.Henry was the most powerful wizard in this magical world, he could cast spells night and day and at any time he wanted. Wizard.henry lived in a big castle with his ginger talking cat , whos name was called whiskers. One Day the Grand wizard went for a walk out into the village when he nearly tripped over something. He looked down to see what it was ,All he saw was a sparkle so he looked closer and closer and he started to dig it up. FINALY he digged it up and it was ..... A DIMOND! Quickly the wizard zapped hiself back  to his castle and started to annilise it. He found out that that the red dimond was a MAGICAL DIMOND! Wizard.Henry started to wonder what this magic dimond did. Does it make you invisible? Does it tranform you into a different place? ... Wizard.Henry did'nt know what this dimond did but he was planning to find out! ... The wizard found out that this dimond of his could change into anything! At first the wizard thought it was quite boring but he was'nt going to just throw it away.



The End

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