The Grady Curse

When harry Grady turns wolf for the second time in his life his curiosity about the life he had lost in a home fire is peaked, but a mysterious group of people capture him know he will be lucky to survive let alone find out the truth of his family.


Skin itches, eyes are burning and stomach is rumbling, I crawl over to the bathroom mirror. My flesh is turning grey and blood vessels are bursting in my eyes, “its happening” it happened once before a few months ago.

I’m in so much pain that I bite my lip just to release the stress, as the blood flows down my throat my eyes widen. I watch my skin bubble and melt away, where once stood Harry Grady now stands a strange beast; I look at my unfamiliar face trying to draw memories from my mind… nothing.

 “What’s going on daddy...?”  The look of pure terror stricken over her face may have once caused tears to form in my eyes but only blood runs from my eyes and the felling is only a deep hunger.

The little girl runs, howls of overwhelming excitement fill the air. I realize that the howls are coming from my twisted mouth only as I hang from the ceiling of the hallway, I grin demonically at the stench of fear. As I draw near to the half hidden source of such fear the front door explodes with mixture of screams from men holding rifles only to be blurred with the sound of bullets flying through the air. "I should run" the thought crosses my mind, but I don’t. Before my transformation I would have hid tactfully but the very concept now only makes me half laugh and half growl with loathing for such coward’s.  

The hooded figures enter the building slowly trying to herd me into the corner; I lash out at the nearest figure. I draw blood for the first time, the felling sends me into a frenzy I know that my flesh is being ripped to shreds but I can’t stop. The people in hoods refuse to back down. Good, more lambs for the slaughter. The screams of men fill the night, I slit a man’s throat and bleed him dry right over the body’s of his comrades.

“Sniff….sniff, sniff” I hear my nose already at work and eyes close behind, the only part of me left in the dark is my mind. The girl crawls out of her hiding place; on all fours I leap in front of her blocking her chance of escape, she squares up to me trying to conceal the tears behind shut eyes and shivers through a big blanket.

 A voice enters my controlled thoughts, “I’m going to kill her harry, your own daughter” the voice is so horrible that I shiver on the inside I can feel it sneering at my coward’s anger fills my body and like a blade I blast it at the beast, I can feel the confusion of the beast at the power building within. I hit out again using every bit of energy I have to try and stop the girl’s slaughter.

Before the built up inside rage of myself and the beast on the outside  can clash on an inner battle an injured but breathing person stabs an injection into my back, I turn and glare at the hooded figure. The assailant removes the hood concealing the long pure white hair and green eyes, the now obvious woman smiles harshly at me and just before darkness takes me and the beast she says shakily “goodnight ugly!”

I wake trapped in a dark cage, the floor is covered in dark rough hair. I am once again human and in control of my senses, the beast is now concealed within dreaming for freedom and a reunion with blood. It takes only a few minutes for my eyes to readjust, my body is bruised and scarred but to my eyes is otherwise fine.

Beyond the confines of my cage is an entire warehouse filled to the brim with cages. Some are in use containing ordinary looking people wearing nothing but rags the obviously have hair on their floors, and although we are close by they seem to be resigned to their fate. After hours upon hours of shouting to them and getting no replies I turn around trying to gain more bearings on my surroundings. There are no obvious guards or a sign of traps, unfortunately there seems to be no way out either.

The cadges on the other side of the warehouse seem to be broken because there bars are bent and torn to shreds, “what the heck...  did I do all that” I murmur to myself, this seems to have more grounds for a response because the next cage along to mine clasps the bars of his cadge and sighs deep with sorrow “no you didn’t, but you will.. We all will”.

 My curiosity peaked creep closer “what do you mean” I say, “When were you grown a day ago or what, I thought they perfected the brains of you clones”.   “I’m no clone” I say curiosity replaced with anger, “easy there” he sniggers “what kind of Grady doesn’t know about his own family curse?”

The End

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