chapter two scentrinas fate

A month had past and i was getting ready for my wedding to spike. It would be on that night after my wedding that i would become one of the UN- dead a vampire. i knew that this would be it this would be when things changed i would have the power to change how things were and to get revenge on the ones who have done me wrong in the past.


I thought to myself maybe ill have a better life dam it i thought ill go through with it. Just then, villiam walked in to the room it is time he said fallow me. So i fallowed him into a huge hall way were there stood spike dress in a black soot he turned round to me you look beautiful. i was dressed in a black wedding dress with red roses on the hem.


i looked around there were at least 600 vampires in the room all watching me. i  was very scared. my fate was UN known to me. i paused it is too late to turn back now i thought and even if I did I would have every one after me. As the wedding want on i started to get nervous it is nearly time she thought.


Just as the wedding was about to end i felt spike biting on my neck. This it i thought i could feel that something was happing to me. I could feel my body dying i thought to myself this is painful I cannot take it any more it hurts too much. As soon as i changed, every one welcomed me in to the family. Everyone that was in the great hall let of a huge cheer our queen is here they all shouted.


Spike took me by the hand and said welcome my queen finely you have returned to me now feed you must for you shall die if you do not. So i looked at spike and then i turned my head to see my victim standing there beside me. Hmmmmm i thought blood as quick as i had turned around i had fed hmm tasty i thought.Damien spoke we should all get some sleep the sun would be rising any minute. Everyone returned to there chambers for the day i lay there for hours trying to sleep but i couldn’t i kept thinking what lies ahead of me now.

The End

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