How I became 2

Drake and I were sitting in the inn when it started to get dark outside. Just then every one was running around trying to get inside as fast as they could. I Ignored the strange way in witch they were acting. So  I took Drake up to our room and told him to sleep. As he fell asleep I weant down stairs to the bar to find out why they were acting so strange.

Bar Keep I yelled. Yes MADAM he replied. Can you tell me why every ones in such a hurry to get indoors I asked. The bar keep then looked at me and said you are not from around here are you to witch i replied no i am not. Well then he said YOU BEST BE GETTING BACK TO WERE YOU CAME FROM. There are things here that don't take to kindly to strangers. 

Things? what do u mean things i replied. Heed my warning young lassie or you will find out soon enough. After hearing this i got off my chair and walked out of  the inn into the streets. It was dark darker than it should have been for 8pm at night suddenly there was a loud bang!!!!.

Suddenly i fealt faint


The End

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