How I Became

My name is Scentrina and I'am going to tell you my story of how I became
what I am today.

It was the eve of June 24th 1716 when I awoke from my slumber.
I was shocked to the that the world was not as I had left It.
As I stumbled from my cript chamber my long white hair fell to my back
my cloths were dusty and torn. My pale white skin shimmered In the moon light
as I slowly walked to the door of my cript. I had slept for over two hundred year's.
My maker was long gone from me. As I sat there perched above my cript It all
came back to me of how i was made.

I was but a young girl from Glooms ville In my early twenty's. When I was made
I was down on my luck and an orphen that no one wanted. So I packed what little
I had left and weant to Shadow Grove to find work. When I arrived there It was
strange to me. The streats were cleaner and Shadow Grove was much bigger than
back home. As i walked along the streets looking for work I came across a little boy
laying there in the street not one person cared about him. So I took him back to the
inn i was staying in and asked him his name "MMMMY Naammees Drake" the boy

Drake was small with short golden hair. Drake come with me and we will get you
cleaned up. "Yeeeeesssss mam" he replied. And from that day on he stayed with me.
As I got him a change of cloth's I wondered why was he alone on the streat's surely he was to young to be alone.
I took the clean cloths to him as he washed all the muck and dirt off his body.
Here put these on I said handing him an old shirt and pants.
Drake smiled and noded T-T-Thank you.

The End

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