It was April 24th it was dark and gloomy out side and as i was on my way home when i got the feeling i was being followed so i kept looking over my shoulder but it was no use i still felt as if i was being watched so  i kept walking till i reached the park then i thought to myself what is going on i felt as if i some how knew the person following me but every time i turned around i didn’t see anyone. What is going on i thought to myself this is turning out to be a weird day just when I thought it was going to be just like every other day of my life.


When i reached the park i slowed down i  knew i was safe i knew were i was so i kept walking to my secret spot were si liked to sit and think just when i got there i almost died of fright there was some one else there. Now i was due to go on holiday the next day but little did i know it would be a holiday i would never forget. The next morning i woke up at 6.30 in the morning i sat up in bed and yawned oh this is going to be a long day i thought to myself so i got up and packed some stuff in to a bag and left for the bus.


when i arrived at the bus stop just in time because the bus was just about to leave so i hurried as fast as she could and got on the bus i quickly found a seat and my journey began. i woke up and yawned have I been asleep all this time i thought i looked at my watch eeep its 9.30 pm I really was tired. so i got off the bus at shadow grove and i looked around . This looks like my kind of place i thought better get moving to the hotel i arrived at the hotel and booked  myself in so up to my room i went i unpacked my stuff and lay down on the bed i started to slowly  drift off to sleep. Just then, i thought i had seen something in the corner off my eye i wiped my eyes and said maybe it is just a trick of the light.


The next morning i woke up feeling refreshed and much more awake. So i got out off bed and thought to my self what should I do today I know ill go down to the beach so i got dressed and went down to the beach as soon as i got there i took off my shoes and walked along the shore line when suddenly i tripped oh no i thought when suddenly some one caught me. Wow i thought what could that off been. However, when i looked up it was a stranger but he seemed familiar to me in some way as if i had meat him before. No i thought i could not have this was her first time in shadow grove there was no way. He smiled at me hi I am spike i smiled back I am scentrina thank you i said no problem said spike. Spike thought to him self-wow she is what I have been looking for all of these years.


Were you from asked spike? i replied I am from gloomy grove. Never heard of it said spike. As we continued to tell each other about ourselves, we walked along the beach hand in hand. as i looked at my watch oh gosh is that the time i thought I have spent the day with this stranger ah well? but then i kissed spike on the cheek and wished him good night and headed off to my hotel room for the night. i yawned and started to fall asleep when i thought i saw some one in my room so i quickly sat up, rubbed my eyes, and looked around the room no one there i thought. So i lay back down and went to sleep.


By the time i awoke up it was 10am in the morning oh is that the time I may get up i thought so i got up and was ready to leave my room when there was a knock on the door. Who is it i called out but there was no answer so i walked to the door and looked out there was no one there hmmm i thought. As i opened the door oh what is this i thought there was a percale oh I wonder who it’s from i read the label to scentrina from spike oh I wonder what it is i said. Therefore, i opened it. It is a red dress how nice but how did he know what room I was in.


This is creepy i thought to myself never mined I have to hurry up and get and get ready or I am going to be late. As i tried on the dress and i loved how it felt and looked on me so i decided to wear it so i went over to move the box when i seen a note lying in the bottom of the box. It said, this is my gift to you please wear it today to the beach ill shall be waiting spike.Oh ok i thought then I may go to the beach. When i arrived at the beach spike was waiting there with a rose for me thank you i said. No thanks needed said spike. I hope you do not mind but I invited some friends to join us today. I do not mind i said the more the merrier good replied spike they should be along shortly. However, for now shall we have a seat yes we shall i replied. Just then, i asked how spike knew what room i was in and why did not he wait for me to answer the door. Spike replied I am so sorry I thought you were asleep I wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, it is ok.


Just as i was getting comfortable spikes friends started to arrive spike stood up let me introduce every one. Ok i said this is rage hey i said  this is drake and this is villiam said spike hello everyone i said.Ok now every one is acquainted shall we continue yes replied everyone. Spike said fallow me then so as spike laid the way everyone fallowed him. Were we going i asked? It is a surprise said spike so i fallowed him and the others just then villiam walked up beside spike and asked him are you sure she is the one you need. Spike replied yes sure ok villiam said but the leader will question you on this to. I know spike said. Just then they arrived at the opening of a cave right this way said spike. Ok i replied. rage lit a torch and handed it to me you will need this said rage ok i replied. An hour must have past when they arrived into what seemed to be a dark chamber wait here scentrina said spike. Therefore, i sat down on a rock as spike and the others disappeared into the darkness. As i  sat there for what seemed like hours. I started herd footsteps in the back round who is there i yealled but no answer. This is not funny i yelled stop it i thought to myself what have I got my self into? What is going to happen to me?


Then all of a sudden out of the shadows came a voice (fallow me) so i got up and fallowed the voice into what was an even bigger chamber. Stood in the middle of the chamber were five men. As i started to walk up to them i started yelling at spike. What do you think you are doing leaving me there for hours on end? Spike replied suhhhhhh it was only 20 minutes you were there for. Seemed longer i thought. Just then the stranger spoke I see what you mean spike she is the right one. What are you talking about i asked? You will see said spike. I looked at spike with the look of worry.


Just then, the stranger stepped forward I am Damien and I believe you have already meat the rest of our little group. Yes, I have i replied. Good said Damien and I see that spike has made a good choice on the dress as he always dose on cloths. i  said what I am I doing here and what do you want with me? We want you to join us. What do you mean by that i asked? We want you to become one off us.


However, why me i asked. When you were back in gloomy grove did you not feel like you did not fit in. Yes i replied yes this is true. You felt as if you were being fallowed. Yes, I was being fallowed but how did you know that. Damien replied it was no coincidence that you meat spike we had been watching you for some time now. Why me i sobbed. Do you believe in vampire’s scentrina? Yes why i asked. Because you are looking at them and we want you to join us and have ever-lasting life. Just then, spike says I want you to be my wife. i replied what if I refuse. Well then, we shall force you to become one of us.



Well i said I guess I have no choice but to join you and your group. In addition, yes spike I will marry you. The least that you could do is tell me why I am so important to you. Spike replied you are descended from one of Damien’s ancestors witch in theriory would make you a relative of his. In addition, it has been past down through generations that a child will be born and that she will lead us to a better future and her name is scentrina.  

The End

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