The Call


Joe turned. A girl, with hair the same dark gold as wet sand, stood a few feet away, confusion, fear and frustration etched on her pale, oval shaped face. It reminded Joe of someone.

“…Laura Sparkes, right?” Lexie’s sister. They had the same eyes and fair skin.

Lyra Sparkes. You were just with my sister…?”


“Where is she now?” Lyra’s big, sea green eyes were huge in her face.

“I don’t know, I left her by the…what’s up?” Joe watched as the tears poured over her cheeks.

“Lilla. We can’t find Lilla. She said she was going for a walk on the beach, but she didn’t come back and now we can’t find her.” Lyra dug the heels of her hands into her face. “And now you’ve lost Lexie too.”

“Hey, no I haven’t, she’s just over here.” Joe took Lyra’s arm, she was a few centimetres smaller than him, and led her to The Gorge.

“…She was just here,” Joe’s face dropped.

“She’s not any more,” Tear tracks carved themselves lightly into her skin. “We should look for her.”

“No, I’ll just call her. Much simpler.” Joe dragged his phone out of his pocket. He held it to his ear. Lyra watched as they both waited for the answer.

The End

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