The Jump

The air was cold as it rushed past Lexie, pulling her curls behind her. All her thoughts were focused on this moment, all she had ever lived for was this, the feeling of weightlessness as she cut into the mist. She watched, fixed as the other side of The Gorge tore towards her. Everything slowed down, and Lexie could pick out detail in the rubbley side of the drop. But she didn't look down. If she looked down she would lose it.

All the breath was crushed out of her lungs as The Gorge hit her in the stomach. At the last second she curled her fingers into the dead grass, hanging to the wedge. Something clinked against the side. Lexie glanced down, and watched as her favourite hairclip bounced down into the endless crack in the earth. For the first time, Lexie felt fear, a sour tang in her throat. She felt herself hanging in midair, dangling into nothing. If she let go she would drop, and come to whatever fate that other girl had.

Lexie tugged at the grass, wrenching herself up onto the earth. It took her seconds. When she looked down again Lexie saw a shoe; a black trainer dangling by the laces, the kind girls wore back then. It made Lexie want to cry. That was all that was left of the girl. The Girl who Jumped The Gorge. And she didn't even know her name.

The End

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