The Girl

Lilla opened her eyes. Her body was tense, panicked and shaky. Her eyes flickered over her surroundings.

A sense of releif washed over her. She relaxed, although not completely.

Something wasn’t the same.

Something had changed.

Although Lilla was unfamiliar with her surroundings, there was also something frighteningly familiar about them. Memories sneaked in the back of her head, seeping around the edges of her mind, just out of reach.

She ignored them.

Lilla shifted her head to the left, and saw from where she was lying on her back, a wall. It wasn’t a very interesting wall. She twisted her head right, and saw the full length, wooden framed picture. She looked at the girl in the picture. She was lying awkwardly on her back, her neck twisted to look out of the frame. Her blond hair was scraped back into a badly done ponytail. The shirt she wore was blue, almost matching her eyes. But not quite. The eyes the shirt didn’t match had a line of something red crusted beside it. It looked out of place in that oval of faint beauty. Her lips were full, a rosy pink. Her skin was fair. She reminded Lilla of someone, but the someone, again, was faded in her mind, flickering, teasing her. She frowned, looking back up at the ceiling. Then the thought occurred to her that she should get up and look around, so she did.

Lilla stood up, and took a proper look around. The room was mainly wooden, dusty and bare apart from the picture, and one square window in the corner.

She looked at the picture again. It had changed. The girl was standing up now, staring back at Lilla. The emotions displayed on her face were mixed and broken. There was confusion: that something had happened to her, but she didn’t know what. Fear: she didn’t like that she didn’t know, and felt that her knowledge was vital, but that was knowledge that she didn’t have, and that scared her. And frustration: she was trying, so hard, to break the barrier that stopped her from knowing, but she couldn’t.

Lilla’s nose itched. She brought a hand up to scratch it, then forgot about it as everything became clear in that one, brief second. Lilla gasped. She examined the mirror more closely. The cut running from her right temple to her eye split as she narrowed her eyes, stretching the skin. The inside of her face was raw and pink, and Lilla waited for the blood to make a river in her face. She lifted a hand to her face to touch it when it didn’t bleed, horrified. But something still lay in the back of her mind, leaking into the rest of her thoughts, but when she tried to reach for it, it shrank away, not wanting to be discovered. Lilla’s frustration became her sole feeling. The thought was big, trying to conceal itself behind other thoughts and failing. Lilla grasped at it, and the thought drew back, but Lilla held on, pulling it into the front of her mind. It made her stagger, shocking her, and Lilla choked on a thrilled gasp of horror.

Lilla Sparkes was dead.

The End

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