The Gorge

Three sisters, Alexa, Lillian and Lyra Sparkes have just moved house, to the mysterious, unclear seaside town of Prent. Then one dies, the other goes missing and it's up to the youngest of the sisters, along with new friend Joe, to discover WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??!

The sun made a gold stain in a clear sky. You could see it on the horizon through the trees. The sound of laughter drifted up in the air. The evening was warm and not one person was inside. It was not a day to be inside.

A boy and a girl walked together, both of them about twelve. The butterfly of a breeze that fluttered in the air lifted an ash gold curl off the girl’s cheek. She nibbled a sugar-mouse as she listened to Joe talking.

“…so now I‘ve shown you everywhere,” He took a chocolate lime in silver wrapping from the paper bag.

“What’s that?”

“That’s The Gorge.” Joe said. The girl, who was called Lexie Sparkes, didn’t move from where she stood. A wave of vertigo hit her; and she wavered. She looked down over the wide space and saw the other side beneath her, a weak sliver of land hanging over the edge of the endless, vertical drop. There was a few feet of dead, rusty grass and then nothing. A pale, silvery mist draped over the cliff, blocking the line of sight. The mist was thin, floating in fine, delicate layers. The air was colder here, frozen and sharp. Lexie shivered.

“What’s over there?”

“Don’t know. Nobody knows.”

“Surely someone’s been to the other side,”

“Nope,” Joe said. “Nobody’s ever been over there. My dad says there was this one girl who tried to jump over. I don‘t know much about it, but my dad knew her and he said she did it for a dare. She fell down the gap and nobody ever saw her again.”

Lexie didn’t say anything.

“I have to go now,” Joe said, and he left Lexie alone. She found herself strangely drawn to it, an inexplicable longing to know what was on the other side, what was past the mist. She stood there, staring at The Gorge, at the air between the two crumbling hills, at the sheer gap that threatened to swallow her up into the utter darkness at the bottom. She swallowed. Every ounce of her wanted, more than anything, to jump The Gorge. Her subconscious attempted to push away the thought of it, but she was compelled to try. Something inside her mind was screaming at her that if she fell, if she missed the other side then there was no way she would survive. She would die. But her choice was fixed. Lexie dropped her sugar-mouse and stepped back. Her stomach twisted and her heart was thrumming in her throat. Lexie’s breathing grew ragged. Her feet slipped against the gravel as she ran. Wellington boots aren’t made for running. She felt the sudden wind she had created whip her long hair behind her. The gap was getting nearer. She could so easily stop, turn around, and walk away. But she kept on. The space between her and the gap was closing in, getting smaller and closer to her with every step, every second.

And Lexie jumped The Gorge.

The End

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