An Idea Forms

Jason was enjoying his solitude, and thanks to the provided tranquillizer, he was able to relax. Relax that is until the medallion fell from the ceiling.

While he was trying to figure out what it all meant, he felt like a high school dropout, as he could not make any sense out of things, until the waitress with the PhD, working all night long at the local bar, explained that the spacesuit hanging from the ceiling must have held it.

She said that it came for a more primitive period in the space program, circa 2100. It had been used by an exploration team sent to Goodall and returning to earth but the crew only got half way there before being stranded on this god forsaken planet.

Jason was intrigued by this and asked her to tell him more about the expedition. Thus, the waitress launched into the history of Goodall and the expedition, which you have been reading. (So far, all you have gotten is the beginning of the story, the expedition comes in a little later.)

She had only gotten to the point of Seccy's harping on Goodun, when her boss started yelling for her to get back to work, so she arranged to continue the story, after work.

Jason agreed, and set it up to meet her at her place, where they would be comfortable and have plenty of time, as she was going on holiday for the week

The End

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