The little girl gave Goodun one of her pieces of candy. This act caused him to reconsider calling the shaman a crackpot, seeing as the girl was the shaman's daughter and was always in good health while most of the other children were dirty, scrawny, and selfish.

"Don't tell me you are getting soft Goodun.", said Secondun, Goodun's right hand man and friend. "No don't turn around. You know who I am and what I am talking about."

"Why do you continue to harp on me about being soft Seccy? I am getting really tired of your mischief, and if you continue to play this game, I am liable to fly into a rage, and you know you really wouldn't want that."

Secondun throws up his hands and says, "Okay, Okay! Sometimes I don't know when to stop teasing you, but it feels so good to do so." Then he provided a recap, in tabloid fashion, of the current situation, "Here we are eating disgusting tasting cupcakes, made by a crackpot shaman's acolytes, so as to be invincible, while we infiltrate the camp of Badun, to poison him and as many of his followers as possible, to avoid an all out war, and you are eating candy, and by the look on your face daydreaming about your days of youth, which believe me were no where near as good as you think they were. I was with you then, remember, so I know."

"I guess you are right Seccy, so we had better get prepared to go out on our mission tonight. I just needed to be brought back to the matter at hand, so thank you for jarring me back, but do not hold me responsible if next time I just fly off and do something you and I will both regret when you start gibing me again."

They both laughed, and went to prepare.

The End

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