The Goodall Chronicles

This is the story of Goodun and Badun. It all started in March 2010 in response to writing prompts, and then got left behind.
Basically it is about the eternal struggle between good and evil in a fictional world devoid of technology.

All over the place butternut squash is being cooked, by childbearing clones, into a giant cupcake.

The overseer is a fanatic about using a hammer, to squash the honeybees into a mush, edible by the human population.

Supposedly, by eating the cupcakes, and honeybee mush, the humans will be invincible, at least that is the promise of the shaman.


After the shaman had procured a wheelbarrow full of the butternut squash and honeybee mush cupcake, he proceeded to keep it in a temperature controlled to the totally 80s range, that is 80 thru 89 degrees, no more no less.

His tattoo of a buxom maiden, was the subject of shrinkage, due to the non-reversible process of aging. Where she was once large busted and very pretty, she is now shriveled, even when he tries flexing his muscles, and her once impressive breasts sunken so as to be almost non-existent.

The poison previously prepared, by some miracle was still as potent as ever, after being buried for years, so many years that the origin is no longer known, in a glass vault sealed with epoxy from olden days.

The rest of the preparations, seemed to occur as if in a dreamland, with a dinosaur chasing him.

Our shaman, has done all he can, it is now up to Goodun to lead the small force to battle against the minions of Badun.

Only time will tell if Goodun can prevail, and the people of Goodall can go back to a life of peace.

The End

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