A Sudden Encounter

Two hours later found Ashlyn sitting on a bench in the local park, staring at the rapidly dimming sky with no idea what to do next. She supposed she could get a new place with the insurance money from the house, but what was the point? Something was bound to happen to it too.

She couldn't exactly leave either. Leaving now might make her look suspicious, especially if the detective started asking around about her. Who knows what sort of ridiculous stories the townspeople would start telling about her? That'd be just her luck.

Sighing, put her head in her hands, feeling a band of cool metal against her face.

"Dammit!" She swore, ripping the offending object off her finger and chucking it at a nearby tree. It bounced off harmlessly and landed in a clump of soft grass. 

Ashlyn glared at it for a moment before getting up and stomping off. She wished she'd never met that conniving jerk. Maybe then she'd be sitting at home in an undamaged house, knowing she had a perfectly functional vehicle sitting just outside in the garage and  no dumb ring following her around, reminding her of her idiocy. 

So absorbed was she in her own thoughts that she didn't notice the tall figure in front of her until it was too late.


She ended up sprawled out on the grass, looking up at a face that was as surprised as hers.

The End

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