One sided Tug-o-WarMature

That night, I was considering deleting his number, when he texts me. “Hey. Sorry I made you cry. :)”

I asked him what was up with the smiley face, and told him I was breaking up with my boyfriend. (I already had. I’d felt bad dating someone, even if they were perfect for me, when I had feelings for the guy who would break my heart.)

He asked me why, and I told him I had feelings for someone else. We kept talking, and I felt like the game was over, and things between us were done, so I made the mistake of telling him it was him who had made me realize there were better guys in the world. His response was: wanna fuck?

And I told him no, he had a girlfriend, and frankly I was done with this tug-o-war. He wouldn’t give up until I told him I couldn’t stand his personality anymore. He told me not to text him anymore. Sam really only had two extremes: Let’s have sex, or get out of my life. I told him to block me on facebook. I made my decision.


The End

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