The Goliath Protocol

When Earth receives contact from an alien race, they take it for the answer to one of the greatest questions this young race ever asked themselves...But the not a message at all. It's a warning.
The War in Heaven is the War for Earth is just beginning.

 The Goliath Protocol

On August 7th - 2028...Earth received a long range transmission from deep space. In the early days it was hailed as the greatest scientific discovery in the history of humanity, the greatest question we had ever asked ourselves was now answered. We were not alone.

 Those days were the most peaceful, governments only argued with words, about which country had the right to decode and reply to the transmission.

Dozens and dozens of the world’s best linguists, scientists, physicist and sociologists studied and debated and argued for weeks after receiving the alien message.

Eventually...the language was cracked, and none of what they had been discussing mattered anymore.

The message was a warning. A civilisation of aliens had sent the transmission, saying that they had been fighting a war against a dark enemy for countless generations...and now they were dying. Their leaders agreed the best they could do with their dwindling resources was warn the next race their enemies would

They named their final battles the War in Heaven. They declared themselves an extinct race, and that we were alone. They told us nothing of what was coming for us...or when they would arrive.

However, these mysterious inter-galactic allies did send us one useful piece of information. Schematics, roughly chiselled designs for some strange and wonderful piece of technology. For their final act this race sent us the one weapon that could save us from our annihilation...

How naive we were... 

The End

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