Annalisa Graeme has just been checked in to a retirement home against her will. But will she keep up her sass, or will she find that retirement isn't such a bad idea after all?


“They’re coming for me.” Annalisa Graeme muttered softly to herself as she stared out of the window, watching the young man get out of the Sedan. “They’re coming for me, and I’m going to die.” There was the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, and the young man entered the room with a smile on his round face.


“Hello, mom.” Annalisa nodded her head at her son.


“Evening, Tommy.” Thomas Graeme sighed, and began to pick up a large suitcase.


“It’s morning, mother.” Annalisa smiled for a brief moment, taking a careful look at Thomas.


“You look too much like your father, dear.” To which Thomas merely shrugged, taking the suitcase with him as he began to descend the two flights of stairs. “And he had that same attitude!” she said with a chuckle, knowing it would annoy her son. A light rain began to fall as Annalisa watched her son struggle with the heavy case, what’s his wife feeding him? After a few minutes, Thomas returned, panting and clutching a stitch in his round belly.


“Right, ready to go then?” Annalisa waved him off as he tried to help her from her chair.


“Please Tommy, I’m old not dead!” she only felt a little dizzy, but wouldn’t dream of letting him know. “And you know full well that I rather would die than go to that-that place!” Thomas sighed and rubbed his temples furiously. “But as I have no choice in the matter…let’s just hurry up then.” The two of them walked to the car in silence, and they drove in silence for a while.


Soon the narrow village streets turned into highways and the rolling hills of the countryside appeared. "Dear God, let him crash" thought Annalisa as they sped down the road, getting nearer and nearer to their destination. Thomas smiled warmly at his mother, who was fidgeting with her gloves.


“Don’t worry mom, you’ll like it there.” This was hardly reassurance!


“Oh piss off, Tommy, you sound like Dr. Sharma.” And that was the end of that conversation. Thomas slowed down and turned a sharp corner onto a lane flanked by large willows. They had passed a large sign reading: “Thatcher Home For The Elderly.” Annalisa’s hands were shaking non-stop as they pulled up in front of an old looking Victorian manor house, with red ivy crawling up the sides. Annalisa took one look at it and turned to face Thomas, indignation burning in her eyes.


“You might as well shoot me, Tommy, because I’m not leaving this car.” Thomas frowned, and exited the vehicle. Annalisa watched him converse with a very thin woman with a terribly large nose. The woman smiled at her, and waved with hand for Annalisa to come out of the car. Annalisa firmly shook her head, and promptly flipped the bird. "This is going to be a very long day" She thought with a satisfied grin as the large-nosed girl dropped her jaw in surprise. 

The End

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