A twist of Rumpelstiltskin

The miller held his baby daughter, looking into her eyes and looking for an idea of what to name her.

"She will be the miller's daughter," he thought, "So I suppose I shall name her Millie."

The miller was not a very clever or original man.

The miller's own name was Milligan, and his father's name was Milton. The miller came from a very long line of not very clever or original men.

On the other side of the kingdom, in the palace, the king was holding a baby boy. He wanted to name him Kingston. The king's own name was Kingsley. The king also came from a long line of not very clever or original men.

The queen, who's name was Jane, a very sensible and strong name, was not a fan of this silly tradition. Their first child had already been named Princeton. But she had a duty to do what the king told her to, and so she let it go. She did not, however, let the king name the second child, arguing that the heir to the kingdom already had his ridiculous name, and that she wanted to name the child.

The king, while being not very clever or original, was sensible, and sensible men know not to argue with women when they are this determined about something, so he let it go. The prince was named Caleb.

While Prince Caleb grew up, so did Millie Moore. The miller's daughter was a lot more clever then her father and the long line of Moore's before her. She was the first daughter born into the family, and she was extraordinary.

The End

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