The Disapearance

A scream tore from Angela's lips and she ran back to the stable, barely noticing that her father was not following, but running instead towards the house. The cook and the other's servants were running, and John was hurrying to get the horse's calmed down.

"Angela!" the stable master cried, and Kingston's hooves crashed down towards her. She through herself out of the way, and her head connected with a stable door... The world blanked out as suddenly as if someone had doused a candle flame in a windowless room.


Angela woke lying in a wooden wagon, with Golden Star lying at her side. John was sitting in the front, and the other horses, including Kingston, were being led behind by the stable hands, all of which looked grim. Smoke created a dank fog behind them, mixing with the rainy weather that accompanied her birthday every year.

Her gaze drifted over the bedraggled crowd of horses and people, and she missed a face.

"John!" she cried, whirling around. "Where's my father!"

The stable master turned around slowly, hat low over his depressed eyes. "He's gone."

Angela felt the tears pouring hot down her face, but the words echoed on, bringing the pain she hadn't felt since her mother died. He's gone... gone... gone!

She buried her face in Golden Star's side and silently cried, until the steady beating of the filly's heart put her back into a dreamless sleep.

The End

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