The Golden Promise

This story bases around a young girl named Angela Star. He rmother died when she was born, and her father disappeared on her tenth birthday, leaving behind nothing but a single promise. A promise that Angela has no idea how to enterpret. With few belongings and now relatives that she knows of, she is brought up by the weaving streets of a town called Tailmar, with no trade, and no idea of what happened to her father. Her only wish is to find him.

A single raindrop pooled into Angela's hand, like liquid diamond. She gazed at it interestedly, and then wiped it away, staring up at the looming gray-black clouds. The weather was as it always was on her birthday, gloomy, rain-filled and dark. She had hoped it would be different now that she was turning ten, a decade old. her father had left in the early morning, before she was up, and hadn't returned yet, though it was near mid-day. It made for a gloomy birthday.

Sarah, the cook, was in the kitchen baking a birthdya cake that she refused to let Angela see, and her maid kept winking in her direction, smiling, as if she too had a surprise for her. The servants always tried ot make her happy on her birthdya. despite the weather. Angela gathered her skirts and stepped over the puddles in the cobblestone path, half-running towards the stables. She loved horses, and she visited them everyday.

John grinned as she came in. "Ace gave birth to 'er filly last night. Beaut'ful thing."

"Really?" Angela cried to the stable master, "And you didn't tell me?"

"It's yer birthday surprise," he said, grinning wider.

"Can I see her?" Angela asked, grabbing the man's arm. "Please?"

John laughed, "Of course ye can!" And led the way.

The filly struggled to get up as the two came through the stable door, and promptly collapsed on it's spindly little legs.

"Oh, she's beautiful," Angela gasped. She knelt beside the young horse, as the mare watched her carefully, gaurding her baby. The little filly had big, wide spaced brown eyes, with a coat that shone a shade of red-gold. There was a white mark on her forehead shaped like a many spiked star. The horse nuzzled Angela's hand affectionately. She giggled.

"What you gonna name 'er?" the stable master asked, smiling at the two.

"I get to name her?" Angela gasped lookingup wiht her own big eyes, though they were green and not brown.

"Of course. It's yer birthday."

Angela smiled and looked at the brown eyed filly.

"Your name is Golden Star," she whispered.

Suddenly, the pounding of hooves filled the air, and her father's black stallion rode straight into the stable, covered in foam, eyes wild.

Her father sat astride the horses back, looking equally wild. He leapt off the horse and grabbed John's arm. "Wash and feed Kingston," he said, "It's been a long ride. Angela, come with me."

As he strode out of the stable, the birthday girl ran to keep up. He suddenly turned, and his eyes were filled with tears.

"Whatever happens, Angel, I promise you that there will always be someone or something there to protect you."

Angela gazed behind her father's shoulder wiht wide eyes. The house was in flames.

The End

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