The Golden Girl



Narator 1, Narator 2, Mum, Dad, Sue, 2 Brothers, Witch, Dog (Fang), teacher, Student 1, Student 2, 5 Students.

Scene #1.
Narator 1: In a big city not far from Merellin, there was a small girl named Sue. Sue was not like other girls, she had a special power. Sue had the most beautiful hair anyone had ever seen! It was golden-red and it flowed in the wind. Because she had such beautiful hair, there was a spell that could melt Sue and turn her into pure gold.

Narator 2: Sue lived with her Mum, Dad and two brothers. They lived in a small cottage at the end of a small street. Her brothers were naughty and were always getting in to trouble and everyone was suprised that Sue was such a nice girl.

Mum: Children, come inside and get ready for school! You don't want to be unorganised and it is getting dark outside!

Children: Comming!

Mum: Now, don't be naughty, get good grades, don't forget to pack your homework and your

Boys: Yes Mum we know! Don't forget to pack your lunch, don't do this, don't do that...

Mum: (sigh) Once you have packed your bags, brush your teeth and go to bed!

Children: Yes Mum!

Narator 2: Far away just outside the big city, there was an evil witch that knew just the spell that could turn Sue into gold. She had tried it on many different children but none of them gave her gold. She got silk and satin and flowers and trees, but the one thing that she wanted was gold. Sue's teacher knew about this evil witch that live just outside the city. 

Narator 1:  She also knew about all of the children with golden hair that had gone missing and she was afraid that Sue would go missing too. So Sue didn't go missing, every morning she would give all of the students a high 5 as they walked into class. The reason that she did this was so she could put a tracking device on Sue. At the end of the day she would give them another high 5 to take it off.

Teacher: Good morning Alfred (High 5), Good morning Brittany (High 5), Good morning Peter (High 5), Good morning Tom (High 5), Good morning Abbey (High 5), Good morning Sue (High 5), Good morning Max (High 5), Good morning Sally (High 5). Ok, so now I will collect all of the homework, did we all do it?

Student 1: I didn't understand the maths.

Other students: Yeah, I didn't understand it either!

Teacher: Why do no children ever understand maths? Anyway, did you do the rest of the homework?

Students: Yes, Miss.

Narator 2: The teacher really wanted to keep all of the children safe from the evil witch, so to do that, she always took the students somewhere different each day to work so the witch wouldn't be able to find out where they were. What she didn't know was that the witch was always where the teacher's class was planning how she would capture Sue. 

Scene #2.

Student 2: Where are we going to go today Miss?

Teacher: You will have to wait and see.

Student 1: Is it a park or an art gallery, or is it a Zoo!?

Teacher: As I said, you will have to wait and see. Is everyone on the bus? (quietly counts). Ok, lets go!

Students: (quietly talking for a while)

Teacher: Here we are! Today we will be working at a flower garden! Go outside and run around while I set up.

Narator 1: The teacher didn't really need to set up for anything. She had already planned where to sit and all of the things that she needed to do. What she was really doing was checking for the witch. Although, no matter how hard she looked, the witch was still there with her dog by her side planning her attack.

Teacher: ( talking to students and trying to teach them the maths that they were supposed to do for homework ).

Witch: ( hiding behind a bush ). Ok Fang, do you have an idea for how to get that girl?

Dog: Woof, woof!

Witch: Of course! Dress up as someone else! Who could I be? I'll have to check the big book of spells! ( gets out the big book of spells and searches through it ). I could be a Cat.

Dog: Growls.

Witch: I could be a bird, or a teenager, or a flower. (Mutters) Got it! (whispers to dog).

Dog: Woof! Waggs tail fast.

Witch: ( Cackles)

Narator 2: At that exact moment, it started to rain!

Teacher: Everyone quickly get on the bus! Make sure you don't leave anything here because we may not be comming back!

(Everyone hurries to the bus)

Teacher: (Panting) Now, is everyone here? Please call out your names starting from Tom.

Students. (call out names)

Teacher: Has everyone got everything that they need?

Students: (Quickly check that they have got everything)

Sue: Miss, I forgot my Lunch box!

Teacher: Quickly run and get it Sue.

Sue: (runs quickly to get her lunch box. She picks it up and when she is about to turn atound and go back, she hears an evil laugh and rustling bushes. She quickly runs back into the bus)

Teacher: Is everyone good to go? Ok, lets go back to school.

Narator 2: It was a long bus ride home for the kids and it rained for 3 days straight. The teacher couldn't take the students anywhere, because it was too wet. Instead, they stayed at school and made friends with some of the students in the other classes and caught up with old friends. It wasn't until 5 days after the rain had cleared that the witch made her attack.

Scene #3.

Narator 1: The witch was one of the ugliest people that was ever alive. She had Dark Grey hair that was all messy. It looked as though she had never washed or brushed her hair in her whole life! Her skin was wrinkly, but it didn't look like it was because she had put a spell on her skin. The spell didn't fully work though, because it did not get rid of her big warts. The witch wore black cloaks and a necklace that held a special potion. No one knew what the potion was for, but it was always there.

Narator 2: Fang was the witches loyal dog. He always stood by her side. He looked like an angry guard dog, but once you got to know him you realised that he was the friendliest dog around. He didn't really want to be the witches sidekick, but he didn't really have a choice. The only reason that he acted all tough around the witch and did whatever the witch said was because when he was a pup, the witch bought him and his brothers and sisters. If the witch didn't like them, she killed them. Fang saw all of his brothers and sisters die that day and he didn't want to die too, so ever since he has obeyed the witch.

Witch: Fang fetch me some garbiloil.

Dog: Woof woof wooof!

Witch: what do you mean we don't have any? Of course we have some! We always have some garbiloil!

Dog: Roof Roof Woof, roof!

Witch: Oh we did use it all up on that other boy that we tried the spell on didn't we. Yes, yes, yes. What else do we need before I go to the witch store Fang?

Dog: Woof, Woof, Rooof!

Witch: Everything! Even the grafeline and the trolpsed and the whednesserilogid?

Dog: Woof woog grrrrr roof roof woof roof.

Witch: I don't have time we need to be at that breifing on how to capture children by not using the hansel and grettel approach!

Dog: grrrr, Roof!

Witch: I gues we do have time then! Come on, come with me!

( 5 minutes later )

Witch: Ok, Lets see! We have got the grafeline and the trolpsed and the whednesserilogid and the drestilegim and the grostilegine and the pine leaves and the cats eyes, cows blood and compost and matches and 3 lizards tails and 4 lizard toungues... ( unpacking the rest of the things. )

Scene #4.

Narator 1: Sue's Dad was a champion swimmer and was always trying to get Sue's brothers to take it up as a sport. He also always bragged about how he was a champion swimmer to everyone and he had a whole glass cupboard with all of his trophies and medals in it. Sue's brothers faught in the backyard non stop. Well, that was until they squashed the flowers. Sue's Mum took great pride in her garden and always liked to keep it neat and tidy with lots of beautiful plants. She was a nice kind woman and the whole neighbourhood loved her strawberry tarts.

Narator 2: Sue was qiute different to her family. Her family all had brown hair and eyes, while Sue had Golden-red hair and blue eyes. She looked different and acted differently to her brothers and had different ways that she viewed the world in. Sue was also the youngest in the family and really wanted a pet. She had asked her parents many times for many differnet pets, but her Mum says to ask her Dad and her Dad says to ask her Mum, so she never gets a propper answer.

Sue: Mum can I get a parrot?

Mum: Go ask your Father.

Sue: What about a dog, or a cat?

Mum: Like I said before, go ask your Father.

Sue: Yes Mum.

Sue: Dad, can I have a parrot?

Dad: Go ask your Mother Sue.

Sue: What about a dog or a cat or some fish?

Dad: Ask your Mother if you can have a pet, don't ask me!

Mum: Boys come here this instant and explain to me why all of the flowers are dead and all of the plants are squashed!

Boys: Yes Mum.

Mum: (talks to boys)

Mum: If you want to keep playing football or doing whatever you were doing, you will have to go into the street with your Dad.

Boys: Ok. Dad, come outside and kick the footy with us.

Dad: Can't you wait until this game is over?

Boys: Who is playing?

Dad: Hawthorn and Gelong.

Boys: (rush into the room and watch)

Brother 1: Come on the Hawks!

Brother 2: Come on the Cats

Brother 1: Hawks

Brother 2: Cats

Dad:  Boys, we all know that Carlton are the best football team!

Boys: No they are not!

Narator 1: While the boys and Dad were arguing what football team is the best , Sue was in her bedroom trying to find a way to convince her parents to let her have a pet.

Sue: I have tried everything even saying to my Dad that my Mum said yes and saying to my Mum that my Dad said I could have a pet and that turned out bad. How can I get a pet? Maybe it I find an injured animal and ask if I can keep it. That might work. Oh right  I tried that last year. What will I do?

Scene #5.

Narator 2: One day the Teacher took her students to an elderly center to help the elderly. This is where the Witch put her plan to action.

Teacher: Ok class, today we are going to an elderly center to help the elderly! Quickly get out of the bus and wait against the wall in two straight lines.

Narator 1: The children helped the elderly all day, and it wasn't until 1:00 pm that the Witch turned up.

Teacher: Sue, could you please help the old lady cross the road. She seems like she is having a bit of trouble.

Sue: Yes Miss.

Narator 2: It wasnt until the witch and Sue were halfway across the road when the teacher and Sue realised who the old lady really was. It was the Witch! At that moment Fang ran across the road with the witches broomstick and the Witch, Fang and Sue took off. All of the students and the teacher stopped and stared as Sue went away screaming.

Teacher: Kids, get back on the bus, we are going to spend the rest of the day at school.

Narator 1: They all got on the bus and went back to the school. The students got a replacement teacher and as soon as they did, the teacher got into her car and turned on the tracking device that she had put on Sue this morning and drove off.

Witch: Here we are my little cottage, do you like it.

Sue: What do you want from me!? I would give you my money, but I don't have any! Why have you brought me here!

Witch: (Tying Sue up) Stop chit chattering! If you are the right child, when I put you in the potion  you will melt and turn to pure gold!

Sue: You have got the wrong girl! I am certain!

Witch: I can't be sure of that until I put you in the potion! Lets see now what do I need? (rummaging through everything).

Sue: Can you loosen the ropes a bit. I can barely breathe!

Witch: Oh that one won't work on me. A lot of other kids have tried that before.

Sue: No I actually can't breathe. I might die if you don't loosen the ropes!

Witch: Well I don't need you to be alive for the potion to work. You are going to be dead soon anyway. It would probably put you out of your misery. (getting out a cauldron and putting the ingredients in).

Narator 2: At that moment the Teacher arived at the cottage.

Teacher: (looking into window) Yes, this is the place. (looked around foe dog). Hey, dogdie, would you like some meat?

Dog: Woof Woof!

Teacher: Fetch! (Dog eats meat and goes to sleep). Dogs always fall for the sleeping tablet in the meat.

Teacher: (sneakes in quietly)

Witch: (turns around and sees teacher) What are you doing in MY cottage!?

Teacher: Taking back my student.

Witch: You'll have to kill me first. (Grabs wand) 

Narator 2: The witch and the Teacher fought until there was nothing left in the cottage but Sue, the Witch, the Teacher and the big cauldron with the potion in it.

Witch: I have got you now my pretty!

Narator 1: Sue was thinking what she could do to help and what her last words would be before she died. If she didn't want to die, she would have to act fast because the Witch had neatly go the Teacher. Then she thought of something. What whould the witch turn into if she went into the potion.

Sue: (swinging on ropes) Ha! I have got you now! Good Bye!

Witch: What are you talking about silly child?

Sue: (kicks Witch into potion)


Narator 2: The Teacher untied Sue as they both watched the Witch melt and turn into ash. Then they walked out and started getting into the Teachers car. They were both confused about what just had happened.

Dog: (whines)

Sue: Could I take him home and see if my parents will let me keep him?

Teacher: Of course you can Sue.

Narator 2: They drove home and when Sue got to her house, she asked her parents if she can keep Fang.

Sue: Mum, I found this stranded dog called Fang. Can I please keep him! Pretty please!!

Mum: I will talk to your Father.

(parents talking)

Mum: We have agreed that you can keep him!

Sue: Thank you so much! (runs outside and plays with dog)

Narator 1: So in the end Sue got her pet that she had always dreamed of having and the witch was gone forever.

Everyone: And they all lived happily ever after!



By Holly Obelt 7A,  Caitlin Gilligan 7B,  Millie Shannon 7C,  Jess Cruickshank 7D  and  Elisabeth Robers 7E.


The End

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