the revenge of the sailors

It was 3am in the morning, when I was woken up by a scream and then a shout that was heard by everybody in our house but no other houses could hear it. I woke up and rushed to my good friend Jonathon Tydnal, who was now reading a short book. When I got into his rooms, I told my friend straight away about the scream and so he came as fast as he could to see what was happening.

When I got home everybody in the house were all staring at a puddle of blood near the entrance of my home.

I had no friends or neighbours come into my house since I moved there a week ago because I and my girlfriend were getting married this week and that I had to be prepared for the special occasion.

And a week has passed but the mystery has still not been solved. Until when my friend came the today to try out his prediction, so he decided to stay at my house for a night as he thought that he would hear the scream since it has been distracting me from my sleep for a whole week.


On that night that my friend was at my house not a single sound could be heard which was unusual as I had heard the sound for more than a week now.

The next day I went to Lakers street, where my friend asked me many questions about what had happened. When I got home after meeting up with my friend, a letter was left on the table for me. But none of my servants recall seeing anybody put a letter on my table and so this made me very suspicious of what was happening. And on the following night a scream could be heard again, but this was puzzling me as the scream could not be heard when my friend was at the house.

And because my companion was busy with other matters about the death of a couple of sailors, it made me want to try and solve the case myself as I had seen my friend do it many times before.

It was today that it struck me, so I went back to my friend to ask about his current investigation, and so he told me about the death of the sailors. When I asked about the sailors, it had rung a bell in my mind and I found out that the sailors were in fact my old class mates that I kept on being bullied by.

I thought back to the time when we were at school, and I remembered something about getting me back for something, and so I told this to my companion, who seemed to be very interested in what I was telling him and about the fact that he became a sailor at the age of eleven and has been one since that time.

But I had heard on the news a few days ago that his ship that he was sailing to America had sunk in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It was then when I realized that I should show the blank piece of paper that was sent to me in the post few days ago. When he looked at it, he read what was written on it and it said

Dear My old Friend Hewston,

I have now began to think about what I had said to you when we were in year 5 and now I am to do as I had said.

Please do be afraid as we used to be very close friends


From anybody

He looked at the letter again and then asked to keep it  as he held on to it, he said that it is most likely to be the revenge that he told me about in  year 5.

And so that the screaming was in fact his ghost and that it was coincidence that that was near the time I was to marry, and that he could also of used it to frighten my girlfriend.

But the case cannot be solved but the screaming is now history and I am now with the person I love.

The End

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