the diamonds of the tomb

It was a normal day, when the bell was heard at the door of the house of Lakers Street. Jonathon Tydnal immediately  stood up to get ready for the person who had sent him the recent letter that was dated yesterday and the letter went like this

Dear Mr. Jonathon Tydnal,

I will come to lakers street tomorrow at about 9:45am, to discuss an important matter of mine.

Yours sincerely

Arthur Royce

“But John it is 9:30am not 9:45”, I asked keenly while looking at him in the eye.

“I know, my dear Hewston I need you to go down the stairs and greet this Mr. Royce. Oh and remember not to tell him who you are?”my companion said, I wanted to ask him why but was let down when he put his hand up as a signal to go now. While I was walking down the stairs, a short man passed me without looking. I had an idea about who he was but to be clear, I thought that I had to ask him but he said that it was none of my business. I did not know what to do so I followed him up the stairs and into my companion’s room.

I could hear a little discussion before I decided to walk in. When I got in, my companion looked at me surprised, but turn back to the short man that I saw earlier on that day.

“So let me get this straight, your father died last week and before he died he told you to move out when he did die, otherwise you could suffer the same as to what has happened to him. And the thing that happened to him is not clear as there are no signs of any danger or poison. But where was he when this incident did occur and why did you come to me so late?” my companion went through carefully to the man, who was by now all red with sweat.

“I’ve just been told to tell you about the incident yesterday by Mr.  Rosenfile from Scotland Yard. And that incident occurred when he was on his way up to the attic for a photo album that was asked by my mother, who had only just come back from America”. The impatient man replied. My companion noted all that he said on to a little note pad that was on the table, and asked the man to leave as his mother may get worried about him leaving without telling her and not leaving any note. When the man left, my companion looked at me again and asked me why I did not show the man to the room instead of letting him find his own way. Because of what he asked, I tried to explain what happened, but he did not want to listen to what I had to say to him, but instead asked me whether I wanted to come with him with the investigation or not,  I had a weird feeling about what he had asked but decided to answer yes to his question.

He warned me that the mission may be a dangerous one but that did not change my mind. So we set of for Yorkshire which was meant to be where the home of Mr. Royce lived before he moved out as what his father had told him to do when he had died. As we sat in the cab, the driver did not know the way and we ended up getting there at about 5pm when we intended to getting there at about midday. So we were quite far behind with the plans that my companion’s had made before we left Lakers Street. When we finally got there, we went to the nearest hotel there was to the house that was said to have been made by a King and that diamonds were hidden in the house somewhere.

That night, we walked up to the house and rung the bell by the gate of the entrance, but nobody answered so my companion took out a rusty key that he said was given to him by the young man who was at Lakers Street earlier that day. When we got into the building, almost everything was blocked out except for a little room which seemed to have somebody inside as the light was switched on, but when we got in, not a single soul was heard or seen. I looked at my watch that had been given to me for my 40th birthday, but the hands were not moving, and so I suspected that something may be interfering with the batteries but how could it have been done with the watch on my wrist the whole time. It was then when a glow of light was seen coming from the attic. My companion walked ahead and opened the door leading to the attic. A vigorous glow of light was seen, but then it faded away in less than a minute.

A pair of hands could be seen, right at that moment we climbed up the ladder, only to discover an old lady hold one of the most valued diamond ever.

When the lady turned around and saw us, she looked down to the ground immediately. And tried to get away but was stopped by a pistol that was held against her head by my companion. She was then lead down to the entrance of the house where she told us everything about her going to America and researching and killing her husband when he got home.

When we had heard everything, the police force had come and arrested the old lady and she is now is prison and is sentencing seventeen years for thief and murder.

Now her son is living with his wife at Bristol and is now the ambassador of France.

The End

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