the golden eagles

the adventures on jonathon tydnal

   Mr. Jonathon Tydnal was sitting on his arm chair admiring an advert about his last mission with the king of Racental. When all of a sudden Mr. Christopher Smith ran into Mr. Tydnal’s room. Mr. Tydnal stood up at once and greeted Mr. Smith, who was by now sitting on a stool that was against the wall. Mr. Tydnal sat down again while giving Mr. Smith a strange look which was the sign that I knew more than anything in the world, he suspected that Mr. Smith was involved with a crime that had been in all of the local papers. The crime about the golden eagles. “What is it Mr. Smith?” Tydnal asked while staring at the ceiling. “MY EAGLES, MY EAGLES!!!” shouted Mr. Smith. Tydnal gave him a peculiar look with his eyes and said “What is wrong with the eagles that you are blabbering about?” in a low tone as if he knew that somebody was there other than me, him and Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith said nothing, so Mr. Tydnal asked again the same question. Still he gave no reply. It was then he realized that Mr. Smith was staring in terror at the article in the paper that Mr. Tydnal was looking at before he was interrupted by Mr. Smith. It said in massive letters “THE DEATH OF THE GOLDEN EAGLES”.                                                                                                Tydnal who had finally got the attention of the millionaire said “Why are you staring at the paper?”                                                                                                                                             “I’ve no idea”, said Mr. Smith, “I mean how could the paper write such a thing. I am here now because the eagles that I own have been stolen at the dead of night”.

Mr. Tydnal asked, “Do you suspect anybody of such a crime?” Mr. Smith looked at the ceiling and answered in a low tone “I’ve to think that one of my newer servant has stolen it, because nobody knows of the eagles except the servant who looks after them and that she is the one, I think that I have all of the reason to think that she had stolen them, but the one thing that puzzles me is that she has no place to hide them, and if it were in my very home, I would probably be able to find it. Also Mr. Brethentile from Scotland Yard has been inspecting my home and has found nothing and also no sign of the eagles.” When Mr. Smith stopped talking, Mr. Tydnal went straight to the matter of money and asked, “And how much are you willing to pay for the recovery of the eagles?” Mr. Smith gave a long sigh and replied, “I am willing to give an amount of 600,000 pounds”. My companion looked in amazement and said that it was a deal done. Mr. Smith left straight after as he was asked to by my companion. When Mr. Smith finally left, Tydnal looked at me and asked about what I thought of his clothing and his speech. I said that he was quite old fashioned because he had a top hat, a long coat with faintly striped trousers and that a waistcoat was worn. My companion did not take much notice of what I said but asked about what I thought of his speech, it was that that had struck me, he had a voice of a women.

My companion hushed me as he was looking out of the window, I could tell that he was over hearing a conversation. A shout was then heard and then it was followed by a very high pitched scream. “Come, Hewston, we must leave now for Newcastle at once”, I could not see why Newcastle but the shine in my companion’s eyes gave me the idea that that was where the millionaire lives.

“We must catch the 10:45 am train that should go through the town and past the house of our patient person”, Mr. Tydnal said. So we went into a cab and it drove us to Paddington Station, in which was the place that we took the train to Newcastle. When we arrived there, it was already 2pm. My companion rushed along the station in hope to find the millionaire. But was let down when everybody left in less than a minute. However, one short haired man was standing there most probably waiting for somebody. Mr. Tydnal looked at the train timetable and found that there was only one train per day in each direction. So who was the man waiting for. While I was trying to think of a reason, my companion left and went up the stairs, as if he was chasing somebody in front of him.

“Wait for me!!” I shouted but my companion did not look back, and this made me wonder what was happening. When he stopped, I looked at him and found that the person that I was talking to was not my companion. I looked down at the station where the man was still standing, so I went back down and found that the man was in fact my companion in disguise.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“I see you have found me”, he answered and then looked down to the frosted ground. I looked up and saw that it was not my companion, but was the millionaire that came to Lakers Street earlier on that day. My companion was hiding behind a bench. And jumped out right after the millionaire spoke.

“IIIIII thought that you would never come”, the millionaire said after seeing that the detective was hiding behind a bench. “May we come to your house Mr. Smith?” asked my companion.

“Well, okay but my daughter who knows nothing of the matter may be there, but if that is not a problem you can come to the house whenever you like”, said the millionaire. After that my companion said that it should not be much of a problem, if she would keep out of the way. So we followed him to the 13 bed-roomed mansion in a cab. When we got there a short, young girl greeted her master and showed us to the study where Mr. Smith had ordered servants to lay out a booklet of paper and several pens for my companion. He looked at the table and decided not to sit down as it could be a trap so he took a pen and dropped it onto the chair and found it disappears right in front of my companion’s eyes. He carefully looked around the room that Mr. Smith had left for him and found that there were many traps about, so he rung the buzzer that he was told to ring when he wanted anything but found that it was a fake one and was just quite newly installed.

So he turned to the door and found that it had been locked without his knowledge. He looked around even more and found that it was a bigger trap. After about an hour Mr. Tydnal finally rang the home number of the house, it was there that I found a thin passage because somebody was shouting at another person in a reasonably high volume. Then a lock was heard, and somebody was trying to open the lock on the door of the room that we were now trapped in. The young girl who was outside the house when we went in was opening the lock for us and when we got out, we were hushed by her.

My companion looked at the ceiling, only to find a little door, he used his hand to tap the door and found that it was locked.

“And what might be in here?” asked my companion to the girl. The girl turned red and said that that was a forbidden place and not even his father, the owner on the house was allowed to see what was inside. As I followed my companion and also tapped the door, I could feel that the room was quite a small one.

My companion told me to leave with him to the closest hotel in the town to get prepared for the investigation. When we got there, my companion asked me to get my pistol out and to have a good sleep, this I denied to do as I was not tired and I did not need a rest.

At about 11pm, we went to the mansion and got in through an open window that lead to the dining room where the young girl and her farther were dining. The girl saw us and distracted her father so we could get in. We stayed there for the rest of the day in hiding until we left for lakers Street at about 1am.While we were there, my companion had a little discussion with the girl.

On the following day a letter was sent to my companion at lakers Street, and this was how it went

Dear Mr. Jonathon Tydnal,

Mr. Jonathon Tydnal, my daughter has informed me that you know the culprit, and because of this I will come to you at about 10:30am.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Christopher Smith.

We looked at the clock and found that the time was 10:30 right now, and just at that moment the bell was rung and the millionaire came rushing in. He looked at my companion as he sat down on his regular arm chair.

“ I will tell you the culprit of the golden eagle now. You see the culprit is in fact you. You went into the room that was forbidden and hid the eagles there, so nobody was to find it. And because the eagles were insured, you got an amazing total of about 300,000 pounds.” The culprit looked at my companion, astonished. But he continued, “And because you are in debt, you thought that that was the only way to get out of debt, and if you deny this, you will be arrested and the judge will tell you the sentence, and my companion, Hewston will be a witness”. The man was astonished and agreed to tell the truth which just so happened to be what my companion had discussed with him. And so that was the story of the Golden Eagle. And he is now free to do what he wants, but he died a year after the incident.

The End

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