Chapter Sixteen...The Story So Far.

Although the rebel tractor array at Mendeleev solar farm has been
neutralized, the transport Leya has yet to escape imminent peril. In Leya's Hold Eight lies the exposed Godseed, sought through the ages. The vast and terrible Zirkanian armada draws ever nearer Earth's solar system.

Battles have already claimed their casualties. In the snowbright Pyrenees of  Earth, heroes steel themselves for the next inevitable attack. Meanwhile, Maldoran's rebel forces close the distance over the far side of cratered Luna, Earth's contested moon, to the shattered tractor array, where operative Ali Shansee has fallen prey to an ancient and alien malevolence.

Unaware of Ali Shansee's plight, aboard Leya Earth defender Gunnar Skjold directs Captain Amundsen to head out toward Mars.
The End

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