Amenor's Command

On a dark mountainside at a secret location in the Pyrenees, the faithful of the The Church of the Second Coming slowly warped into existence onto a ledge set into the rock and leading into the church. They had been summoned there by His Highness, Velindur VII, the Archbishop of the Earth faithful. It was a momentous occasion. They were to receive the Engelswyrde, something that had happened only 6 times since the Insurrection. It was only on the basis of the earlier six revelations that the Church had been formed. The Engelswyrde was the scripture of the Church, the voice of Amenor himself. And if the prophecy was right, the seventh was the last before the Second Coming.

The members of the Church, clad in the standard neo-flex gowns, filed into the vast church, hewed into the mountain stone by Menovians many years ago. The Archbishop, a wizened old man, much into his Seen years, was standing at the lectern, ready to give his momentous declaration. But the attention of everyone was captured by what lay on the stone altar. It was a cube, 6x6x6 inches in size, covered in markings and indecipherable engravings with silver and gold. It was gently radiating light, as if it was ready to let this light out into the world. Many of the faithful, knelt down or bowed as a mark of respect.

When the opto-counter at the church door had counted all the members, a klaxon was sounded and the doors of the church were closed. These were no ordinary doors, soundproofed using ultra-damping and sonic absorbers. A precaution to ensure that no unfaithful would be privy to the Engelswyrde.

The Archbishop laboriously began to speak. “ Nine hours ago, the Engelswyrde began to glow, a clear mark that the seventh and final scripture has reached us. It seems that Amenor’s time is coming, as has been prophesied. The instrument of victory will be revealed. With Amenor’s blessings, I will release the Engelswyrde.”

He headed towards the golden cube, and putting his fingers on it, he caressed it and said, “ Disseminate Amenor’s will.”

With a flash, the cube began to dissemble into many parts, the glow becoming brighter and brighter. And then, with a blinding explosion, light began to pour out from the cube, engulfing everyone inside the church. It was accompanied by sound as had rarely been heard, something like a chorus of angels, or Scerzovi’s 11th symphony, or the sound of flowing water. But this was not how the faithful heard it. They heard the Engelswyrde, each in their own tongues, some in Mersh, some in English, some in Pantherian, some in Livoc’than. The Engelswyrde could not be recorded for it had no meaning unless heard in person. It had been studied with extensive sonic proteoanalysis and audeonesthetic machines, but no reason for its unique properties had been founded. Its recordings and tel-images could not convey the same message. Moreoever, it meant different things to each person, each heard it interpreted the way that he would believe.

When the Engelswyrde had been disseminated, the light ceased and the cube went back to its original form, except that it wasn’t glowing anymore. And then, it slowly disintegrated into ash. There was an uproar of fear and panic. His Highness quickly took the lectern and said,” Fear not, my brethren. This surely is a sign that we do not need the Engelswyrde anymore. For Amenor himself is coming to us. Let us hasten to his will. Amenor be praised !”

The congregation repeated the Archbishop’s words, at first with doubt, then as the meaning of what they had heard and seen sank in, they repeated it with greater conviction.

“ Amenor be praised ! “


What the faithful had heard, could not really be translated but it was more or less this:

“ The time for Amenor’s return is near. Prepare the way for him. For you are Amenor’s army, the chosen ones. Find the instrument of victory. Find the God-seed. Destroy all who oppose you, for there will be many who do not wish the return of Amenor, and they are base and wretched. Forgive them, but after you have decimated them. The God-seed is all that matters. Expend yourself, if the need arises, and Amenor will know your sacrifice. Remember always, faith before self, and nothing before faith. This is your calling. This is your only instruction. This is Amenor’s command.”


“ Amenor be praised !”


The faithful slowly left the church, each already wondering how they could use their respective power and influence to find the God-seed, for most of them were very powerful and very influential people.


“ You have no idea how much I hate wearing neo-flex.”

“ Actually I do, I’m telepathic, remember ?”

Gunnar’s tone became serious again,” You ought to be safe with Telimar. I can’t take anymore chances on this, now that even the Church is following the God-seed. Be safe. “

Amut’a softly clicked,” Do this fast, and come back to me, my Narhar.” Gunnar smiled.  

The End

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