Earth is Far Away

"Earth is far's what they say."

"It's what your separatist brother says, I hear ya."

"Yeah, well, he says Luna declaring Earth and Luna Twin's simply the best, next gamble. Mars...the mining moons out to Jupiter...all on side, y'know. Hadta happen when that Council wouldn't sit and talk seriously for three generations!"

"Lucky for Farside, then. I suppose. Earth will have to talk nice, prior to sending this thing up to Quadrant Two, unless they want the very worse kinda reception."

"You're getting the hang of Luna politics now."

"Two seasons of you, your separatist brother, and ice cores...Yeah, I'm getting it...Temperature seem out, to you?"

Beneath a continent of ice, suited against more than the ancient cold, the human pair knocked helmets. The instrument the one held twinkled, yellow, like the system sun, flickering across both their fogged visors those clumsy ciphers humans used.

Quite formless, so quite undetectable at present, the infiltrator idled, near enough that it could peer in at their hardly more simian faces, and muse upon why the monkeys were still about. That yellow sun, and the industrious meddlings of this species, should have transformed the planet one hundred turns ago. Should have prepared it. Shallow warm sea should have released the seed and extinguished the resident blight. And there should not now be need for another incursion.

Persistent, these monkeys, the infiltrator allowed.

Inert, for now, the seed slumbered within the geo-mass they had moved temporarily here. Ringed around it, perhaps only luckily for them, cold chemical lamps mimicked the light of the sun. Under a continent of ice, this vault gleamed at turns viridian, and golden. The play of colours quite enchanting.

"Slight containment variance."

"Very slight."

"Agreed. Within acceptable they say."

"...' it's prob'ly just as well they don't tell us what they want contained."

"Weird radiation spike...and that's enough for me."

"Dumb chimps pushing buttons in a rocket...that's us."

"Happy so long as I get my banana chips, man."

"Y'know that geo-chem from the ship."

"Marcella...fixed her hair differently this morning. Of course, Braedan homed in on her with waffles and strawberries. How's a dumb chimp supposed to compete with Braedan and his strawberries?"

"Ponytail...yeah, I saw...leopard-spot scrunchy. Anyway."

"Hey, like how her ponytail...swishes behind her...?"

"She got a ship-to-shore before breakfast is what I'm tryin' t'tell ya."

"Sorry, fellow chimp. Hard to focus when there's a Marcella...swishing through the station. What about the ship-to-shore?...How the hell did you hear?...Rude to listen in, man."

"I wasn't listening in...passing by..."

"Yeah. Look, if it's personal I don't wanna know."


"Yeah. As long as it's this. Everybody needs their personal space out here, man."

"I hear ya."

"Only another meteorite. But more special, right?"

"Nooo. No. Marcella told them on the ship...'Certainly not meteoric in orgin'."

"Then it's from here. So?"

"I dunno."

Human banter had always amused the infiltrator. It could be both entertaining and enlightening. Thirty turns before, persisting in the form of a human male very nearly ended the mission in disaster. Listening in on this amusing pair only affirmed the logical choice this time, thirty turns on. There was but the matter of acquiring the matter needed for forming the human female vessel.

The End

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