Aliyah's Apple

Aliyah perched on top of a stack of crates underneath a rusty old shack, resting her elbows on her knees as she bit into a wet apple. Her shoes were wet again, soaked from the perpetual rain that had shadowed the city and kingdom for the past 6 months. She had just managed to dry them out two days ago, but one misstep into a large puddle rendered them a soggy wet mess once again and it would take another week to dry them.

The apple in her hands wasn’t even the slightest bit tasty. It felt disgustingly soggy to bite into and Aliyah couldn’t taste a single ounce of sweetness from the depressing apple in her hands. She wrinkled her face in disgust, eyeing the wall of the building on the other side of the street. She could throw the apple and contently watch it splatter against the wall, but Aliyah also knew this would be the best meal she could scrounge up for weeks. Especially ever since this cursed rain started and killed all the liveliness out of the kingdom.

“Chip, I know you’re there.” Aliyah took another disgusted bite out of her apple before glancing behind her, pushing her messy brown hair out of her eyes with a grimy hand. “Quit hiding, you can have the apple if you really want it that bad.”

There was a small rustle and then a short little boy with dirty blonde hair scampered out from behind the creates. Two large front teeth stood out on his round chubby face. He crawled up excitedly up onto the crates, stopping next to Aliyah. The girl took another bite into the soggy apple before handing it over to him, ignoring the silent growl of her own stomach.

“Fank you Aliyah! I always fought you were the best!” He chirped with his overly squeaky voice. Aliyah cracked a small smiled before waving him off. Chip nodded quickly and scampered off again in delight.

The kingdom was not always like this. Eterna was once a thriving capital. Sol was once a lively kingdom. But ever since the rain, it was almost as if the life was simply drained out of the land. Even the large glowing cathedral that sat at the center of the city lost its shine. What was once the center of trade was now a desolate lifeless shell.

Aliyah stuck her hand out from beneath the shack, catching a few rain drops in her hands, watching as the dirt slowly rolled off her skin. If the rain didn’t stop soon, they would all die, but no one knew the cause of the rain or how to make it stop. Even worse, the goddess protecting the kingdom had gone into meditation hundreds of years ago and still hadn’t returned yet. Who knew how much longer it would take her to return? If she didn’t come back soon, there might not even be a kingdom to come back to.

Sighing, Aliyah got up from her spot on the crates and leapt off. It was getting late. She would figure out how to scrounge up her next meal later, but now, it was time to retreat back inside like everyone else did. Maybe she could try drying her shoes again, and make something to replace her wet ones while they were dr-

A dark shadow flew out of the corner of her eye and Aliyah whirled around to an earsplitting screech as a dark ghost like figure with glaring red eyes rushed through the streets.

A wraith on the hunt for food. And she was the only living being out on the streets.

The End

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