Prologue - Ceris Rising

Ceris, the goddess of the Kingdom of Sol, is returning after years of slumber at a distress call from her people. But the people of Sol are in for an unpleasant surprise as Ceris is not what her people believe her to be.

Rain drops slid onto the ground, splashing ripples on the puddles that formed on the uneven dirt path leading to the stone temple hidden at the back of the forest. A dark cloak floated behind a tall figure walking hastily along the path, taking refuge underneath the temple from the rain. A heavy bundle was clutched tightly between his hands.

The man retreated into the temple, finding a safe dry place to set down the bundle before assessing his surroundings. The temple was rather small, built with large stone bricks. Once neatly cut, the bricks were now worn over the years under the elements. There was one entrance to the temple with old rusted hinges being the only remains of what once was a door. Near the entrance were two torch stands, knocked over long ago. Cobwebs covered the place. Dirt scattered across the floor. It was clear the place had been abandoned a long time ago.

On the far wall of this temple was a large mosaic, surprisingly clean and new compared to the rest of the temple. Lined with gold, the wall seemed to glow by itself, being the only light source in the small windowless enclosure.

The man took off his soaking cloak, dropping it on the ground hastily as he bent down to unwrap the bundle that was ever so important to him. His hands shook as he took a glance backwards before revealing the contents of the bundle - 3 glistening jewels.
Grabbing the jewels, he walked nervously up to the mosaic, running his grimy hands along the perfect piece of art. The mosaic showed the image of what seemed to be a goddess, glowing, standing up boldly. There were 3 prominent slots in the mosaic, three slots that appear to once have held something precious.

“Ceris save us.” The man muttered under his breath as he hastily pushed one of the jewels into the slots. The mosaic glowed slightly brighter.

“My people are in danger.” He whispered, lifting the second jewel into it’s slot.

As it slid into place, the sound of horses flying through the forests echoed into the temple. The ominous sound of hooves sent a shiver down the man’s spine, He grabbed the last gem, sparkling bright red, and pushed into the slot.

“If it is in the will of the goddesses to sacrifice me, I will gladly for my people.” The man fell to his knees in front of the mosaic as gem slid into place. The horse hooves stopped in front of the temple. “I only hope my sacrifice is not in vain.”

He looked up one more time at the glowing mosaic, watching at the jewels locked themselves solidly into the wall before he turned away to face the entrance. His hand slid into his sleeve, drawing out a dagger.

“May the goddess lend me power.” He prayed, and then charged out of the temple.

The angelic face of the mosaic stared blankly at the leaving man before a thirsty smile slowly crawled to the face.

Ceris was returning.

The End

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