The consequences

Days passed, the Elsiefield survivors, one by one, finally came out of their own basements, afraid and hungry. They were finally by themselves, unguided, unruled, free. They looked at the destroyed village, the fire were already gone. As for the deads, nothing else could be done but grieve. A small group started to gather the corpses to properly prepare them for a decent funeral. Another group took care of the debris, sweeping off the dirt, the pain and the shame.

        Five residents gathered at the main street started talking about their future, something had to be done for those lost people. Sarah, the former owner of the bakery, spoke to the assembly. They were hoping for directions, for a leader. Sarah told them about the old times, when they were peacefully guided and how badly things turned out to be at the end. She asked for cooperation from all of them, everyone were now responsible for proposing and questioning rules; taking care of each other as well as observing everyone’s compliance with the common values and principles. All of them agreed with her and a meeting was scheduled for the next week, were everyone would vote for a new leader and a group of five councilors responsible for looking for the needs and aspirations of different villagers. The leader and the council would be changed by vote every year to guarantee every villager would be listened. At last there was a feeling of freedom in the air, a feeling that every need would be taken care of, that finally each Elsiefielder could be heard.

The End

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