The announcement

The festival came, the announcement was made and the village panicked. It was like a huge meteor, a tidal wave has come over the Elsiefielders. Some of them were shocked. Some revolted. Some lost. Some even felt lonely. When the sun woke up the day after the Festival, it could only witness pieces of glass, that once stand in the front of beautiful shops, tossed over the streets. All the stores were broken up, the goods stolen. Some of the shops and houses were still being consumed by the fire. It wasn’t known who started it. Debris, corpses laid around the main square that once had seen peaceful villagers. After the whole confusion began, the three elders rapidly escaped to the Council Chamber, at the end of Main Street. The house had a secret passage in the basement only they knew about, so they got into it when the flames started eating the house. Theirs sons were left behind. They remained hidden in the forest for a long time, in the old Mr. Leamn house, the former blacksmith who died two years before.

The End

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