The secret agenda

One day like any other day, Fanri suggested they announced to the whole village during the Spring Festival that the three of them would retire. The plan was to watch what would happen if the village suddenly went out of guidance. What would Elsiefielders do without them? Although Boan and Eladios immediately liked the idea, they were a little bit concerned about the resident’s attitudes towards the new situation. Fanri recognized the risks, but he told them he was pretty confident that their Elsiefielders would maintain the usual harmony while they begged the elders to return. The other two men agreed with the plan. Boan, the eldest of the members of the board, was hopeful that the villagers would reckon him for his wisdom and the long period he has served the council. Eladios presumed that Elsiefield would accept their retirement and demand a new council composed by their three sons Abet, Henri and Lauge, after all he was really fed up with the job. Fanri had a secret agenda himself. In fact he proposed that plan to actually take over the control.

The End

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