The gods and the devils on the land of men

A long time ago, somewhere near the end of the continent, there was an old village that was known by the surroundings for its honorable residents, the most impressive good manners and for perfect compliance with the rules. That village was called Elsiefield and it was controlled by the board of the three elders, who were responsible for laying down new rules and setting penalties to the ones who broke them. They knew better than anyone else the importance to observe the principles and to maintain the welfare. 

The residents of Elsiefield seemed pretty happy to live their simple and guided lives. The elders, Boan, Fanri and Eladios, have witnessed the lives and the deaths of many and many Elsiefielders. They understood the manners and the spirits of their children, their pupils. Nobody has ever questioned the established rules because the perfect harmony was something largely praised around those fields.

The End

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